I help misfit creatives sell out their offers, without selling themselves out.

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A whole human approach to business, and leadership.


Imagine your business, without making it fit into someone else's box of "good". 

The narratives you've been sold on what a business should look like in order to be successful are rooted in shame, manipulation, privilege, and the oppression of marginalized lives—most importantly, in you leaving yourself to make business work.
That stops here.

YOU CAN HAVE A BUSINESS YOU LOVE free from someone elses rules.



1:1 Mentorship


Ready to sell out your offers without selling yourself out? Have an idea or offer that rages against societal norms? Craving your business to feel more like you, and less like someone else?

The Arena App


A monthly membership for misfits who want to understand their unique style of leadership, and what this means for how they market, sell, create, and do business.

love notes from past clients.

What did they say?

“I'm $300 away from hitting $20k with 3 days left in my launch. With an email list of 600 and IG of 850!” — Sarah H.

"Sold out, bitch.

I opened it to the public on Monday afternoon, and have since sold 7 more spots, most without calls. I actually enrolled one more, so 13 total."

(her goal was 8 clients)

-Erica S.

"Rachel I literally made my investment back already from signing up with you!"

—Christina M.

Business built for you. Not a business you need to build yourself into.

I believe a successful business isn't written on the laws of old narratives passed down by white guys 40 years ago. Instead, I believe it's rooted in authentic leadership on a core level—in which you don't have to succumb to someone else's checkbox of good, but instead, lead, sell, and create from your own.

Hi, I'm Rachel!

Founder, Lead Gay In Charge, and, maybe your next mentor? Hope so.



“We wouldn't be more thrilled with the services Vodka Soda provided. Their aesthetic is unmistakable and on point.” — Liam

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For all things mindful business, authentic leadership in action, and being really gay.

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