Position Your Genius In A League Of Its Own With 12 Weeks Of Private 1:1 Coaching

I make sure unconventional business owners who are changing the game in their industry create a league of their own so there's no question if they’re the ‘no-brainer’ choice for their people—they become the ONLY choice. 

There's a magic in what you do, something that pulls your right and ready-to-pay clients to you. It's not just about being good at something; it's about having that sharp edge that no one else offers. 

Spotting it yourself? That's the hard part. 


In A League Of Your Own we’re going to unveil and name that brilliance together, making it impossible for anyone else to replicate and easy for you to get paid from the strongest market position possible.

Game changing entrepreneurs and businesses draw attention and admiration, money too, but it’s not the same as the folks who do something that goes with the grain, something obvious, something easy to buy because you’ve seen it so many times. 

All of my clients have created something ‘different’

The easiest word they can grab to describe their work is normally ‘unique’, or something adjacent because what they’ve done in their industry is new, fresh, and unafraid to approach old problems in new ways. 

But it’s in the very vein of ‘unique’ and ‘different’ where they FEEL like they’re the no-brainer choice for their right + ready-to-pay potential clients or customers, yet the external communication of their work can fall into something elusive or abstract, making it harder for people to pay them and see they’re the only option.

You have a brilliant offer and business you know works.

But when communicating how it works isn’t always something you can’t name as sharply as you want. Because..

💎You make the intangible tangible for your people. But it’s harder to do that for yourself and you know you need support to see the gaps, the friction, and finally have the more streamlined business you’ve been trying to build forever without it relying on you constantly creating

💥Your offer is too brilliant to not see the kind of traction you know it should be getting even though you feel like it speaks for itself. It should, and it almost does—but not sharp enough to where you become the clear as day, only choice for someone.

🧠Your work isn’t ‘obvious’ to people. People need to get onboard with your fresh concepts and approaches. Therefore while it does sell, it requires you to be doing the heavy lifting of trying to get people onboard—which you shouldn’t be doing if you were positioned well. 

🎉You’ve gotten far and things have ‘worked’, but you know you need to tighten everything up if you want things to work for the long haul. 

✍️You’re disgustingly close to your work and because it’s so layered and nuanced, you find it harder to distill it clear enough to market as sharply as you know you could be. 

🚀While your business IS different and unique, it doesn’t live fully in a league of its own. You have something layered and nuanced but it’s hidden behind almost there positioning and you want to not only be known, but paid for the world and work you’ve created. 

🏆The results you provide whether it be someone loving the socks you sell, the service, or your coaching are so wildly transformative and impactful that it becomes challenging in ways it’s not for people who have more obvious offers and work they do, to communicate the depth and truly variety of results you help people achieve. 

I want to offer you a collaborative edge, outside eyes, and the mind of a sales and positioning scientist to see the results you want quickly. 

Rachel’s work is beautiful because she’ll always be honest (with care!)

“When something isn’t hitting quite right, so when you DO nail it- you can feel the difference. For me, this meant seeing people KNOW IMMEDIATELY what I do AND be OBSESSED with it. Which, when you run your own business, means so much. Rachel cultivates spaces that are inspiring to be a part of. She’ll treat you like the legendary creator you are and your business like the impactful labor of love it is. She’ll fuck you and your business up- in the best way.”

 — Dylan King, Spiritual Coach

Do you make the intangible tangible for others, yet find it more challenging to do it for yourself?

I’m sure you feel aggressively close to your work, which is what can cause unconventional business, offers, and entrepreneurs like you to be left with a buzzing mind of..

I know I’m great, but are other people getting this enough to pay me like I know they should be?

Respectfully, you know you are the BEST, no-brainer choice for your right and ready-to-pay-clients, I have a feeling that you, like many of my clients, would have a hard time even finding your ‘competitors’ because what you do and how you do it is unparalleled.

The work you do DOES live in a league of its own—but it needs to communicate that in its position from the outside without question. 

My clients often tell me something like..

‘One of my gifts is being able to take the intangible and make it tangible for other people in a way that absolutely blows their mind and brings them the results they want, but it’s harder for me to do that with my own work.’ 

It’s often the business owners with the most nuanced, layered, and non-bypassy way to provide their customers and clients with results that find themselves KNOWING their market position is bar none, but seeing the reality that their position becomes the very noise they want to avoid.

  • 🧐Know your work is brilliant and unmatched from the endless feedback of happy customers but not see the amount of traction you know you should be.

  • 🧐See sales come in which give you validation things ‘work’, but feel like if things were sharper you could really be seeing what being in a league of your own can do for you profit, long term strategy, and business overall.

  • 🧐Get more ‘this sounds so good, I’ll do it next time/later’ messages than you can count. No means no, AND, when your market position isn’t strong, it’s harder to put money behind something you can see is great, but can’t sink your teeth into.

What they're saying

Brittany C is one of my clients who came to me in the ‘Too close to my work, I  know it’s top of the line but it’s not communicating that’ vein…

‘I hired Rachel because, let's be real, my offer was kind of a puzzle, and I was too close to see the whole picture. Rachel effortlessly nailed down exactly what I wanted to say, making my message crystal clear. She did this all while making me feel comfortable and seeing me as a whole human.’

Like Brittany, Erin H has also been in business 10+ years. She came to me with something her industry hadn’t seen before and wanted to make sure it wasn’t just seen, but known, and paid for easily.

‘Rachel possesses a unique ability to identify my blind spots, help me get out of my own way, and make sense of situations that once seemed impossible. It's delightful to be in her energy, like a constant breath of fresh air in my business, coupled with an unparalleled depth of empathy and unwavering support. 

Rachel sees aspects of me and my work that I was not able to see myself. She shines a light on the best parts of you. She's not just another coach jumping on a bandwagon; Rachel is genuinely exceptional and the real deal. I will literally sing her praises to anyone who listens. 

After years of working solo and feeling isolated, I now have someone in my corner, like a secret weapon. I have been in business for a decade and have 'heard it all' from gurus and coaches so I am not easily impressed, but with Rachel, I am constantly in awe of her genius, her creativity, and her dedication to her craft.’

And then there’s Caitlin S who was *this* close to shutting down her business…

“When I came to Rachel to hire her for my business, I was approaching the “now or never” phase of my business. It’s either going to truly work for me or I had to give it up and go back to an office job. I did not want to do that at all.

I’ve been in business since 2019 and did not want to throw in the towel. Rachel is not like every other business coach online. She doesn’t sell you some dream of financial freedom and six figure 10K month sales. In fact she doesn’t guarantee any income goals.

What she does do is promise that you will know exactly what your offer is, how to refine it down to one true specific offer, and how to position your offer to be ready to be sold to your right and ready clients. While still leaving space for you to still incorporate the nuances of your offer so you don’t lose your true meaning of what you do and why you’re doing it.

I promised myself I wouldn’t take any other business courses before signing up for her last session and I am glad I broke that promise to myself.

Coming back to Rachel to save my business from being closed for good has been a game changer and I am forever grateful that she does what she does! Happy loyal customer! Thank you Rachel!”

So here’s what’s up..

You know confidence and skill aren’t what's holding you back from dominating your industry – it's your lack of precise positioning.

You're among the most intelligent and talented business owners, with offers that redefine your industry and garner obsession from your clients. Yet, if you asked ten different people what you do, you'd receive ten different answers. This ambiguity makes you hard to define and, consequently, harder to hire.

This is why I want you to sign up for A League Of Your Own


Here's What We're Gonna Do


It's not just about what you sell; it's how you sell it. This isn’t about taking your genius and putting it into five steps. It’s making sure you can name and claim what draws people to you without question, no matter how abstract your work is.

Zoom in On What Makes People Obsessed With Your Work

That one-of-a-kind approach you have? We're going to amplify it. We'll distill it to its purest form and position you in a league of your very own. Your work, unduplicatable and unmissable.

Refine Your Offers, Attract Your Right and Ready-To-Pay-People

Time to make sure your clients and customers are full of proactive, ready, and elevated folks who have been waiting for you but couldn’t see you in the spotlight until now.

Turn Heads

With the core of your work sharper than ever you’re going to experience what it’s like when your business is working for you. Your work, business, and YOU will be in the limelight now. Whether you crave eyes on you or never want to be perceived ever again, once your genius has been distilled, you’ll be unmissable. 

Get In The Game

With tailor made sales, content, and marketing strategies you’ll experience a stronger, smoother, and reliable business where you aren’t questioning if people ‘get’ your work. They do, they’re on board, and they’re paying you. 

Rachel I cannot tell you how impactful our work has been and this Slack access to you has been.

"I’m just having this huge shift in how I’m showing up to my clients, self, business, and where I want my business to go. I’m being so much more intentional about bringing this cohesive elements to life in general and it’s been so impactful. All that to say thank you, you’re incredible this access to you has been so helpful.”


My work feels like an extension of my heart so it can feel vulnerable to share the details of my business.

Rachel truly has stellar sales and marketing skills! I am blown away by the content and resources she created for me in just a short time. My expectations were hugely exceeded and I know that the work we did together will support my business far beyond this one launch. I also really appreciated the warmth and kindness Rachel brought to our work together. Rachel held my ideas, concerns, and questions with respect and reverence. I am truly grateful for her attention, care, and expertise.”


Hiring Rachel was. GAME CHANGER. 

"Rachel is this like magical being who spends the time and energy to get to know my life and my goals and exactly who I serve in my business and what I do and what I’m good at, and she helped me refine my work so much more.

She has been an incredible support, an incredible resource incredible who human who’s capacity for care and integrity and joy is really I find, amazing, and it’s been really fun working with her. I cannot recommend working with her enough I know what a game changer she’s been for me. I literally call her my fairy god mother for my business because she comes in and sprinkles her magic."


Here's what you get:

✅We’ll have 12 weeks together

✅ An in-depth intake form so we can both prepare for our razor 12 weeks together with precision and care. No nooks or crannies left unturned here. 

✅ Competition Research Analysis. Once you’re in a league of your own you’ll realize there isn’t competition at all—you will be the only choice. But first we need to see what your right and ready-to-pay-people are currently comparing you against and why. 

✅ The Precision Playbook that will be home to everything we create and do together. All call notes, timelines, action steps—one place, easy to access.

✅ 4x 1:1 calls where we’ll name your edge, define and refine it, position it to the finest point possible, and make sure YOU are the no brainer choice people PAY—with no competition possible because you stand in a league of your own.

✅ Slack access to me so we can collaborate, I can review copy, sales pages, answer strategy questions, and tackle everything that comes during our time together M-Th 10am-4pm EST.

✅ All recordings to our calls as well as transcriptions.Yours for life, of course.

✅ Templates at your fingertips. While our work is tailored to you, always, I like to make things easier for you when I can through things like sales page templates, lead magnet templates, sales funnels, and more. 

✅ Offer Access. 1:1 clients receive access to every program I put out during our time together. Over $10,000 value.

✅ Individualized Strategy. Launch, sales, and content strategy designed based on your goals, needs, and preferred style of working

There are only 3 total spots open.

This is the first time I'm opening up my 1:1 in two years. I only work with a small amount of folks at one time in order to be able to give my best, full attention to each person. I don't work with dozens of 1:1 clients at one time.

Cost: $7,500

Or, up to 12 monthly payments of $625

You’re committed, let’s commit.

1 quarter to change your trajectory. 

Applications close March 7th.

Her unique perspective, openness and availability to brainstorm anything helped me truly move the needle.

Working with Rachel was one of the best decisions I made in my business! She helped me refine my offer and messaging to a place where I truly felt the most confident in a launch than I ever have. Additionally, she helped me pivot mid launch when I felt like I needed to.

Rachel's ideas are truly so different than anything I've ever experienced working with a business coach. I love that she was always asking me not only about my work, but also about my energy and capacity.

It helped me stay incredibly engaged and consistent throughout my launch, even on wobbly mindset days. I truly can say that I will be working with Rachel for the long haul. I feel like I've only touched the surface of where I can go with her support!

Thank you Rachel!! You truly are a gem and I feel so grateful to get to work with you and learn from you!!”



What if my work is too difficult to pare down?

I almost exclusively work with entrepreneurs who do nuanced, layered work that can be laborious to explain. They’re geniuses, that makes sense. And there is always room to offer more clarity around the exact thing that makes you stand apart. This is an ongoing way your work matures and continues to stand out. 

Where do I need to be in my business to most benefit?

I am at my absolute best in my mentorship when I’m working with entrepreneurs who are committed to their work and have been trouble shooting for some time. It’s such a rich time to take the insights of your experience to create an informed strategy that really moves the needle from consistent to beyond. 

How many times do we meet?

We start the container with an onboarding call and follow with one call per month totaling 4 calls over 4 months. 

When do you respond in slack?

I check slack multiple times a day, Monday through Thursday between 10am and 4pm Eastern standard time. I am committed to responding within 24 hours but consistently respond the same day. I am highly active and involved in our communication.

Many clients I talk to everyday, some only a few times a week, and some a few times a month. Everyone likes to use it differently, but across the board I am eager and ready to be all in.

What is the cost?

$7500 for the three months. 

Are there payment plans?

So. Many. Up to 12 in fact. 

Rachel is the REAL DEAL. In a world full of online “business coaches” it’s honestly scary to know what is waiting for you behind the paywall when you invest. 

"You’re going to be blown away by what Rachel has in store for you. Rachel isn’t only a copy & sales genius (she is those things!) but she’s incredibly skilled at helping to teach her clients how to be geniuses when it comes to sharing about their own incredible offers. I am constantly sharing what an impact working with Rachel has had on me. She’s really helped me to share about my offers in ways that speak right to my right & ready clients!"