My friend referred me to Rachel, but I’ve always been weary of hiring coaches because I was scared of what it would entail. But within two weeks of working with Rachel I launched my offer, and brought in 10 clients. Through our work, and how much she cares, feedback, constant communication, I would recommend her so highly. I can’t thank you enough Rachel!


“She made me feel brave as I did hard things and because of her I grew so much more within my business than I thought possible. Rachel will hold you to the best version of yourself, challenge you, and sit with you through the messy bits of entrepreneurship. She is undoubtedly the business mentor you’re looking for, literally run into her offer.”⁣


"Rachel is the only person whose helped me find the words that actually convey the nuance I want to bring into my marketing.  I do things differently that other consultants, but I've never known how to convey that in a non-douchey and digestible way. Thanks to Rachel I have the words, and I can see myself connecting to more amazing clients as a result."


"This work with her blew my mind. I learned more in the first week of our work than in my entire 3 months with my old 1:1 business coach."


“Since I’ve implemented my work with Rachel just in the last few days I have had a FLOODING of clients come in. In the past 24 hours I’ve implemented one thing, just ONE thing Rachel and I have been working on and I got 3 DMs who all signed up as new clients, and 2 emails which led to more new clients signing up as well. That would have taken me 3 months before and it took me 24 hours.”


“Rachel really embodies her human-first values in her coaching, which is why I know she would probably prefer that I tell you about how supportive it feels to work with her— the joy of how she makes you feel truly seen and held, and the relief of knowing someone so affirming, creative, and knowledgeable is on your team.And all of that is true.But my conductor side thinks all you need to know about my time with Rachel is this: within a few months of working together, I got a book agent, created a book proposal, and landed my dream book deal with Penguin Life.The work we did in our calls together led directly to all of this.Because Rachel is like salt in a good meal: she’s not there to change the way things taste, she’s there to help your flavors SHINE.Her genius is the way she lifts up. enhances, and shine a spotlight on YOUR genius.”


"Rachel’s genius is in looking at everything totally differently than everyone else. She doesn’t offer the kind of cut and paste advice a lot of coaches get stuck in. She sees what makes your work remarkable, how to monetize tf out of it and showcase it in a way that is unique to you. You could read the same old books everyone else has been teaching from since forever, or you could hire someone who is always innovating at the edges of what is possible. That’s Rachel."


"Rachel is the REAL DEAL. In a world full of online “business coaches” it’s honestly scary to know what is waiting for you behind the paywall when you invest. You’re going to be blown away by what Rachel has in store for you. Rachel isn’t only a copy & sales genius (she is those things!) but she’s incredibly skilled at helping to teach her clients how to be geniuses when it comes to sharing about their own incredible offers. I am constantly sharing what an impact working with Rachel has had on me. She’s really helped me to share about my offers in ways that speak right to my right & ready clients!"


"In just a few months of working with Rachel, I experienced profound moments of clarity and insight into my identity and potential as an entrepreneur. Rachel possesses a unique ability to identify my blind spots, help me get out of my own way, and make sense of situations that once seemed impossible. It's delightful to be in her energy, like a constant breath of fresh air in my business, coupled with an unparalleled depth of empathy and unwavering support. Rachel sees aspects of me and my work that I was not able to see myself. She shines a light on the best parts of you. She's not just another coach jumping on a bandwagon; Rachel is genuinely exceptional and the real deal. I will literally sing her praises to anyone who listens. After years of working solo and feeling isolated, I now have someone in my corner, like a secret weapon. I have been in business for a decade and have 'heard it all' from gurus and coaches so I am not easily impressed, but with Rachel, I am constantly in awe of her genius, her creativity, and her dedication to her craft."

-Erin H

"When I came to Rachel to hire her for my business, I was approaching the “now or never” phase of my business. It’s either going to truly work for me or I had to give it up and go back to an office job. I did not want to do that at all. I’ve been on a business since 2019 and did not want to throw in the towel. Rachel is not like every other business coach online. She doesn’t sell you some dream of financial freedom and six figure 10K month sales. In face she doesn’t guarantee any income goals. What she does do is promise that you will know exactly what your offer is, how to refine it down to one true specific offer, and how to position your offer to be ready to be sold to your right and ready clients. While still leaving space for you to still incorporate the nuances of your offer so you don’t lose your true meaning of what you do and why you’re doing it. I promised myself I wouldn’t take any other business courses before signing up for her last session and I am glad I broke that promise to myself. Coming back to Rachel to save my business from being closed for good has been a game changer and I am forever grateful that she does what she does! Happy loyal customer! Thank you Rachel!"


"The way she gives a variety of examples and explanations of each key point to help each student understand exactly how the point relates to their unique business is something you just don't see very often. If you can still get hold of this class I highly recommend taking it!"


"It feels like Rachel is reaching into my chest and pulling out everything I consciously and subconsciously know about my offers and helping me express that in ways that leave me more connected and excited about my work than ever. It's a buzzy heart feeling that I don't know how to describe beyond that."