About Rachel

I don’t have one of those cute stories a lot of business coaches have.

Where they were bored with the way they were making 6 figures and decided to try something new; somehow landing on business coaching because selling “making money” is always on trend.

I started my business dreaming of a sustainable way to buy hamburger helper for myself and my son. With no home and a margin of error so small I couldn’t breathe, I started a business to survive with my grocery store wifi. It took me almost six years to completely stabilize myself financially and year 11 would be when I made my first million. 

When I’m not teaching or inside of a client’s business refining things, I’m working on my next book. Which promises to be the queerest and most vulnerable of my works so far.

I’m also training for a marathon, super into family game night and wish my life had more skee-ball playing opportunities.

The list of my extracurriculars regularly changes, however I am always setting new goals and going after them. It keeps me present, excited and surprising myself. 

I’m the author of the book, Human First©. A business-ish book on entrepreneurship, strategy, mental health, and not conforming to traditional business narratives.