Could this be your money making cockblock?

You have a non-obvious approach + a non-obvious solution which is new to your industry AND your ideal clients. 


This means folks won’t get what you do like entrepreneurs who…


Take an obvious “problem” and bring an obvious solution to it.


Ex: A copywriter wants to write copy that converts for artists and creatives by making their art seen (main marketing point).


But you’re actually a copywriter for artists who like their hands dirty with paint, bringing to life what only their brain can see.


You keep brushes in their hands and money in their pockets with a quick turnaround time, little involvement from the artist, and copy that keeps the focus on the art.


An unknown solution needs more than selling it through..


  • Polarizing content
  • Stories
  • Teaching
  • Explaining your different


That kind of content focuses on convincing people about the unique edge of your work, for people who aren’t ready yet.


It’s easy to look at your work and think, ‘this isn’t unknown, it’s just unique and different—and people love it!!!’.


Unknown means: not familiar

The people you want to work with not being familiar with this new concept is an issue for any entrepreneur who’s work hits different. 


You already know people need to see your work between 7-9x to even THINK about buying it. 


With your content, what are you doing with those opportunities?


AND, if you’re explaining and teaching more than directly selling, you’re not only diluting your offer, you’re pushing people away from it. 


Unknown can seem really cool, like, how could you not get this?


The more time spent not talking to people who are ready, who need to be taught the basics of your work, the more you’ll feel like you need to make more educational or polarizing content to get people's attention. 


Attention doesn’t = signing up/inquiring/buying. 


You can look at your social sales content and see engagement, see people validating you and your brilliant ideas, but…


Those artists the copywriter wants to work with will always gravitate more to someone who points out their obvious “issue” with an obvious solution—because they don’t have to explain the solution and it always ‘clicks’.


Even if the more simple, basic, less nuanced and industry bending offer like yours will completely change lives. 


When you’re a rare bird with a rare offer, your social sales content has to hit the minds and hearts of ready individuals who are on board with your methods and ideas..


Not ones you have to explain the importance of your work to.


Poets who write about frogs don’t convince you to care about frogs. Folks who love frogs will find the frog writer who only speaks to them.


You’re a human with an offer at the edge of your industry, writing social sales content people love because your brain is magnificent and you aren’t short of ideas (except when you are and don’t like yourself but we’re not talking about that right now).


You have proof your work knocks the socks off folks who work with you/buy your work.


And, content doesn’t = sales content.


Your actual sales content can slice so hard through your industry, and I want it to also increase your sales just as sharply.


Unknown solutions and approaches require you to isolate your sales content more than others have to. 


If you want to isolate your sales content. Make it sharper. And turn it into the money making machine you know it can be, learn more about Sold Out In SIx—the holiday offer that’ll set your brilliantly nuanced offer into the biggest cash injection you’ve ever had. 




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