The Quick Fix

A two week VIP intensive for entrepreneurs (you) notoriously against anything ‘quick’ or ‘fix’.

But right now you DO want quick results without cutting any corners.

You know how sharp your brain is and you want to dial in on it's wisdom, and speed with someone who will honor every nuanced, nook and cranny your business has to extract, strategize and achieve your next big goal.


💎You're so hungry to define, or refine your industry signature edge it’s palpable.

💥Finally ready to meet the growth edge that’s asking you to pivot in a sharper way than you have before.

🧠Itching to Isolate the way you innovate for this next move, launch, or pivot you’re making or planning for right now.

🎉You're on the cusp of introducing (or reintroducing) an offer you know is your next big YES move and you want to solidify and strengthen it’s positioning to ensure it stands out as the no-brainer choice for your right and ready clients.

✍️Your messaging is hitting, but not CLICKING the way you know it should be. You want a refresh that truly reflects where you and your business are right now.

🚀Launching something big but feeling a bit too close to the offer. Maybe you’re in your head more than you’d like to be? It's time for me—a sales scientist— who can sort through the details with you, offering an easy to implement plan you can sprint with.

But you know we’re not here to cut corners, this is to refine what you’ve either already created, or have in your mind.

And you need a collaborative edge, outside eyes, and the mind of a sales scientist to see the results you want quickly. 

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The Quick Fix Is For You If..

💨You want fast Results. Quick Fix cuts straight to the chase, delivering results without wasting time, cutting corners, or taking months to see your desired outcome.

📈Turning Chaos into Strategy Feels Top Of Mind. You're not just looking for a quick glance and basic direction; you want a strategic overhaul – a pivot or move that's aligned with where you’re currently at and where you want to go, not stuck in the mental gymnastics of here, or there, or expired paths you’ve grown beyond.

💰ROI - Not Just a Promise. My goal in our week is that you’ll be able to see your investment back on the fast track, not months from now. While any pivot, refinement, or strategic move requires a bit of experimentation, this week is built for results, now. 

💡Strategies You Can Bank On. Walk away with more than insights and ideas, because you have plennnnty of those. You'll leave with hands-on, ready-to-implement strategies that feel so good for where you’re at, and where you want to go. 


How It Works

sign up and get booked

✅ Once you sign up you’ll get a welcome email with me that will allow you to lock in your Quick Fix with me!

get ready with the THE PRE-WORK 45 MIN SESSION

Before our official first week there are two core things that will happen:

✅You'll complete an in-depth intake form so I can capture the full landscape of your business, your goals, and what we'll be tackling during our week.

✅Then we'll have a quick 45 minute call so I can ask any clarifying questions I have from your intake form, and for you to share any final details you want to make sure we address during our two weeks.

Competition RESEARCH

At this point what's happened..

👉🏼You signed up (love this for both of us!)

👉🏼You completed the intake form

👉🏼We had our preparation call BEFORE our Quick Fix week

Now I begin to prepare our Strategy Playbook.

I'll take everything we've gone over so far and begin to research your industry.

Where the gaps are, what's already happening and being offered to your right and ready clients, where I see you can define and refine, then take all of this to optimize how we'll position your razor sharp offer, messaging, strategy, and content to make sure your work slices your industry like a knife.

Call one

🎉Day one begins!

We'll spend some time at the start to go over the Playbook.

I'll have outlined a rough timeline based on everything I've discovered and synthesized so far so we stay on track, and reach your desired outcomes.

This day will shift slightly person to person depending on the the exact goal and focus of each person who signs up.

Execute the Playbook Strategy

🚀After call one you'll begin to implement your first set of actions in refinement, building, creating, or whatever your specific plan will require of you.

This might look like 60-90 minutes a day (maybe more or less depending on your goals) of you working on whats needed to reach that quick and brilliant goal of yours.

Every action item will be listed in our Playbook.

The In-between

👥We have two official calls and between those we'll be in contact and collaboration through Slack access.

We'll be contact everyday to go over your implementation and adjust when needed.

This might include you adjusting a sales page and sending to me for review, doing messaging refinement work I give, and other tasks—goal dependent.

While implementation is on you, I'll be here for any questions, co-creating, copy work, positioning evaluating, and every aspect of what we're working on.

Call two

📞At this point you've implemented the core actions to reach your Quick Fix goal.

I've reviewed, coached, supported, collaborated, and given feedback to make sure everything is in the place we need it to be.

On this last call we'll go over your content and launch strategy and final pieces you have questions, concerns, thoughts, or feelings on!


🎉You've set everything up, refined, and strategized to the bone of your goal—well done ❤️

After our two weeks together you'll receive a finalized update on your playbook with any next action steps and how to best utilize your plan.

Finally, 14-21 days post call we’ll have an email check in for one final review on your strategy, plan, what’s working, what you want to edit, and make sure everything is clear and clicking.

Rachel is genuinely exceptional and the real deal.

"Rachel sees aspects of me and my work that I was not able to see myself. She shines a light on the best parts of you. She's not just another coach jumping on a bandwagon; Rachel is genuinely exceptional and the real deal. I will literally sing her praises to anyone who listens. After years of working solo and feeling isolated, I now have someone in my corner, like a secret weapon. I have been in business for a decade and have 'heard it all' from gurus and coaches so I am not easily impressed, but with Rachel, I am constantly in awe of her genius, her creativity, and her dedication to her craft."

-Erin H

You know you're onto something big, but the path from 'here' to THIS. IS. IT. might feel like an annoying, and impatient road you don’t want to go down on your own right now.

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Let's get into the details..

Whether we’re planning out your next launch, refining your offer, defining your industry edge, sculpting a new idea, tightening your messaging to make sure your right and ready clients are truly READY to buy, or plan out your pivot, you’ll leave these two weeks together with a comprehensive plan that wastes no time, giving you EXACTLY what you need to hit play and go.

We'll be working in one document the entire process of our time together called, The Strategy Playbook.

All of my deliverables, your daily work, and every strategy will be housed here.

Check out the details below so you can get an idea of some of our focal points, and what we'll dive straight on into so you can get instant clarity and see your ROI already happening.

Because every person who signs up will have a different angle and goal we'll work on together, these things may slightly shift.

The Quick Fix Game Plan


Attract clients who get it – the ones who see your work and know instantly they want in. No more admirers, just serious takers. No more maybe's.

Get the analytics you need on the clients who don't need convincing – they’re already in your corner, wallet in hand, and eager to start. We’ll have every aspect of them defined into granular detail so no matter what direction you’re headed, your right and ready people will be lined up—waiting. 


We're ironing out all the kinks. Say goodbye to customer hesitations and hello to a more seamless buying experience. An easy to get paid offer needs its edges smoothed out. We're hunting down and eliminating anything that’s tripping up your clients from saying ‘yeah, I’m in’ to your offer.

Unearth your wow factor

You know there's something special about your offer, the way you work, and the way you communicate your approach that keeps clients coming back. People adore your work, as do you. But you want to know what this is and communicate this wow factor now more than ever. I’ll help you step outside the bottle to read the label clearly.

Content Strategy, Uncomplicated

Content that does more than just 'exist' – it works.

We’re identifying the most potent aspects of your content, and the angles needed to make your offer sell without hesitation.

You won’t have to second guess if something you’re putting out is hitting anymore, or wondering why it’s not selling your offer fast enough.


Entrepreneurs like you see layers and depth your peers miss. This can sometimes make messaging and positioning challenging when one brilliant offer is stacked with so many possible outcomes, end goals etc.

Whether you’re selling socks, a copywriter, a coach, a sex educator, author, or anything in-between, we’ll pinpoint the areas of gray in your offer/messaging/and copy to ensure your right and ready clients know they’re YOU’RE right and ready clients.

We’ll hone in on the exact problems you’re solving for folks, and how to communicate the nuance of your solutions, without watering them down. 

Launch Strategy:

Selling is personal, and your strategy needs to be as well.

Whether you need an actual launch strategy, or a general sales strategy because your offer doesn’t have an open cart or close cart date—what will be built in this part of the playbook will be tailored to your learning style, goals, lifestyle, mental health, and lived experience so you can show up and sell with trust that you’re utilizing a method designed for you—not for the masses. 

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Here's what you get:

✅ An in-depth intake form so we can both prepare for our razor sharp week.

✅ 45 minute pre-work call 

✅ Competition Research Breakdown

✅ One Strategy Playbook that will be home to everything we create and do together.

✅ 1x initial strategy call

✅ Two full weeks of Slack access to me so we can collaborate, I can review copy, sales pages, answer strategy questions, and tackle everything that comes during our process.

✅ 1x wrap up call

✅ Your finalized Playbook. After our week together you'll receive a sign, sealed, and razor sharp update on your playbook with any next action steps and how to best utilize your plan.

✅ All recordings to our calls. Yours for life, of course.

✅ Finally, 14-21 days post call we’ll have an email check in for one final review on your strategy, plan, what’s working, what you want to edit, and make sure everything is clear and clicking.

There are only 4 total spots open.

Quick Fix is now $3997, but we have plenty of options for payment plans.

"It feels like Rachel is reaching into my chest and pulling out everything I consciously and subconsciously know about my offers and helping me express that in ways that leave me more connected and excited about my work than ever. It's a buzzy heart feeling that I don't know how to describe beyond that."



do you have payment plans?

Yes! You can use Shop Pay as one of your payment options when you're checking out. This is like Affirm where you can break the payments up into 12.

You can also use Elective by heading right here.

Elective is also like Affirm with zero interest. This will also allow you to have up to 12 monthly payments.

When can we begin?

We typically will book you within 30 days. We will coordinate with you to find a perfect time before we dive in.

What if I don't have an offer ready?

More than okay. The VIP weeks are built around your core needs and focus right now.

You might want to build out in offer with me, or start something from scratch.

The week is yours and no matter what you pick to focus on, we'll get razor focused and get you to your desired outcome.

Should I do this or 1:1?

My 1:1 has been closed for the last 1.5 years, so not only is this the only way to work with me in a 1:1 capacity, I want to help you get months of work done in a week.

Which can be done when we get focused on one aspect of your business.

Fast results, ROI already happening with the sprint we're able to do, and outcomes that are strong, supportive, and last.

Can I be brand new in my business?

Not for this offer.

It's okay if you're coming in with a new offer, or want to build one out with me.

But it's important you've sold something before, and have had time to thrash in your business. To work with no's and feel settled into your business.

Rachel cares deeply about her client's happiness.

And let me tell you, when you are seen as a person for who you are, the success you will achieve in your business is both limitless and inevitable.”