When people want you to simplify your work

On a scale of 1-10 how frustrated do you get when people want you to simplify your work and make it more tangible?

Six years I swear I would have thrown hands if someone asked me to simplify my work. 

But there’s nothing cute looking back at my messaging being so elusive I was almost asking people to solve an impossible math equation—because those who get it, get it. Right?


Anything can become tangible. Mostly. I’m not talking about magic right now. 

You help people resolve their trauma and how it shows up in their business by using a mix of incredible playlists, soap, tailored ‘tools’, and shadow work? Great. 

👉What kind of trauma?

👉ALL of someones trauma?

👉What part of their is the trauma impacting their life in the most?

You: All of it! Yes! We can do it all!

My guy, no you can’t

But, I know you caaaaan. In 5 weeks, 6 months, a year? Probably not without overwhelming the person who’s just out here living their life and your work is not their work and they don’t care about it as much as you do and they just want to feel better and there’s no way you’re solving it ALL in such a short period of time. And if you are, can you imagine how massive of a hill it might feel like to climb for your client? Can you imagine the pressure that puts on the client to solve a lifetime of pain in a year? What??????????????

You are a genius, but just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do it all. 

You help people become confident in the gym with your confidence muscle program?

Cool. That’s not a problem. Lack of confidence? There’s something else. 

Could someone's desire be as simple as them wanting to feel hot and not look like an idiot in the gym instead of making it about how their mom hated them and how much they hate themselves so they need to become strong? Strong is also annoying because for 98% of people that doesn’t actually mean lifting more/heavier. 

Could the problem be…you feel embarrassed in the gym and like everyones looking at you so you just walk on the treadmill and all you want is to workout, feel hot, and do more than the treadmill because you know how to workout for your needs?


But business owners want to make everything mean everything

It’s annoying. Spoken from someone who would want to unsubscribe from this email list if I was reading this six years ago.

The problem you solve (or aren’t solving) could be the biggest problem and cockblock you have in strengthening your market position, your messaging, and your overall sales growth and resilience. 

This isn’t about watering down what you do. 

It’s about making your work clear. Vetting the right people in. Making sure people who already get and want your work are seeing it and paying for it

Solving many things, or everything makes it harder for people to pay you because it lacks a strong path to success for the buyer. How can they possibly see potential success when there’s no end point?

Here’s how you’re going to fight me..

  • There’s no one outcome
  • When we do X then Y comes up and so it’s so much more complex than looking at one thing
  • My work is so deep it can’t be summarized into one thing

Okay why? This seems like a you problem. 

You want to make it complex instead of easier for someone to buy and be successful in. 

No, I know you don’t want to do that—but are you focusing more on what you want, know, and can do VS what’s actually achievable for someone?

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