it’s Brene Brown’s fault

We’ve all read or listened to Brene Brown and we’ve all paraded that to the world because yes, you are better than everyone for knowing to say ‘I see you, that must be really hard for you’. 

The past is the past now (hopefully) and I need everyone to lay down their therapy talk. In general, but specifically in their marketing. 

A good majority of marketing I see online is hyper therapized. 

I did it too, it’s not bad. It’s not effective though. 

When you sell your offer by saying things like..

  • Ever feel like what you're offering just isn't getting through to people? Like your true value is getting lost? That's exactly what we're going to tackle together
  • Sometimes, it's hard to explain why what you offer is different, right? Let’s clear that up. We'll make sure people not only get it but love it.
  • Feel like your message falls flat? That’s because it’s not just about being heard—it's about being understood. Let’s change that.
  • Want to just be yourself but worried it won’t sell? I understand. Let’s work on bringing out your real message, so it connects and convinces.

…It’s lovely, but lovely doesn’t highlight the effectiveness, sharpness, and brilliance of your work in a way people want to pay for it without needing a single drop of explanation. 

On the flipside, here’s how we would sharpen those four points above so the problem being solved is clearly communicated with precision to the right and ready person.

  • Struggling to get the nuance of your offer across? Let's cut straight to the chase, pinpoint where it’s falling flat, and polish it until it not only shines but sells.
  • Feels like you’re talking into the void? We’ll turn up the volume on your market position by refining your message, making sure it resonates powerfully and persistently with your right and ready-to-pay potential clients/customers. 
  • Is it maddening trying to show what makes you and your work so different without over-explaining? Let's strip away the confusion, spotlight your distinct strengths without watering down your offer, and craft a story that not only stands out but sticks and sells.
  • Nervous that not explaining your work won’t attract buyers? We'll prove you wrong. We’re going to align your brilliance with your sales strategy, showing you how much your sales increase and your comfort in marketing both grow without as much friction

Were the first four points terrible? Nope. But the second version provides a measurable problem being solved with a picture to the end goal that’s tangible

Without tangible and measurable language for your ~unique~ body of work, people are less likely to buy because what you’re selling is unidentifiable which creates the perception for your right and ready-to-pay potential clients and customers that success is too far of a reach. 

You may know it’s not. 

You may know how much easier you make it for them to reach their goals, but without that being expressed in simplified language—you’re literally pushing people ready for your work into someone else's offer

People who have more nuanced offers, or take an against the grain, non-cookie-cutter approach to their work and industry often solve one too many problems within one offer which makes their marketing, positioning, and messaging overwhelming. 

Leading to potential client confusion. Even when someone adores what you do, if it’s unclear or confusing it’s going to be challenging for people to get how it makes sense for them right now—and they’ll pay someone else who made it more clear. 

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