Being able to solve everyone's problem with one single offer

Being able to solve everyone's problem with one single offer because you ‘see’ people is not a flex.

It makes it harder for people to sign up/pay and work with you. 

  • You CAN make sure people do X
  • You are SO good at getting people from X to X
  • People LOVE when you X
  • Doing X is part of X so you can’t simply what you do easily

Folks like you, those with nuanced, against the grain, different, and unique offers or approaches to your industry CAN do it all. But it doesn’t mean you should. 

Do you have a hard time getting to the point of what they do in a way people GET it (and pay for it) without explanation?


Your problem?

Your problem. What you’re solving and supporting your right and read-to-pay potential client with is probably too complex and comprehensive. You must make your sometimes/kind of intangible work, your nuance, approach etc, tangible. And you can. Otherwise there’s no way for someone to see potential success in your work when what you’re presenting is vague, elusive, and hard to ‘get’.


The solution?

Spending two days with me so I can guide you through the nuance of your work, and have you leave clear on the micro problem you’re solving. Most business owners sell symptoms, frustrations, and annoyances of the problem they’re solving because they’re trying to solve too many things at one time.


I get it, I did the exact same thing for the first 6 years of my business.


After being 12 years in now, supporting thousands of entrepreneurs, I know how to make sure your work doesn’t need an explanation. Most importantly, I don't just know how for myself, I know how to teach so you retain and can implement without needing me forever. 


People can’t care about an outcome without a problem being a solid problem and not 150 potential things to solve just because you CAN solve them.


Sure it matters, but it’s your problem that either makes it hard, or very easy for people to pay you.


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