Using the four leadership designs, UN—Launch will have you in and out in under 2 hours, supporting your enrollments and the way you sell your offers. Without having to sell yourself out. 


For a really long time I felt like the only way to sell was to utilize bro marketing, you know, the traditional lens in which we should sell things. That lens however, is upheld by a lot of privilege, followed by shame and manipulation. 

I felt like there had to be another—one that met me, someone who's anxious and introverted, in ways that both meet me where I'm at, and where my clients are.

So I found a beautiful break-up with bro marketing, and created more human first practices to sell + market instead—everything you'll learn in UN-Launch. 

So my wife Sara, and I created The Leadership Designs—four unique business archetypes that are intersected with trauma, privilege, and lived experience. 

The designs:

The Analyst

The Nurturer

The Conductor

The Visionary

 give us insight as to how each entrepreneur best sells, markets, creates, and leads. 

So, UN-Launch is the intersection of human first business practices, mixed with a deep analysis of each design and what they need to sell out their offer without selling themselves out. 

UN-Launch will be your best breakup yet. 

business is human.

We believe in a human first approach to business.

What this means is, instead of grabbing for strategies and systems FIRST, we check out how the client in front of US works and moves naturally—before anything else.

We get a whole picture of the human by treating them as a human with a business, not a business with a human, and we also utilize our leadership assessment which lets us KNOW HOW THE PERSON IN FRONT OF US WORKS BEST.

Is this your face as you try and plan how you'll sell your offers?


Un—Launch will walk you through how each leadership design best sells, markets, and enrolls clients without utilizing bro marketing. 

Because each time you sell your offer will be different, and the way you sell it should move with you, not against you. 

We believe in a human first business.

What if you could sell out your offers without your business needing old school marketing tactics, requiring you to be 'on' all the time?

Explore human first, and ethical sales practices to support your sold out offers without having to bend or mold who YOU are. 

Case study

Learn how each design sells their offer. Don't forget, you have a primary and secondary design—so you'll want to make sure you read up on both. 


HUman first

Walk through the guide, and watch the videos exploring different types of enrollments, UN-launches, and product sales so you can learn what kind of method feels right for you. 

There are four unique leadership designs.

You'll walk away from UN-Launch...


They each hold a certain set of behaviors, qualities, and systems the specific styles flow with naturally. 

These designs also allow Sara and I know, how our clients will launch or enroll  clients with more ease based 100% off of them, and not someone else.


This in and out in under 2 hour workshop will walk you through how each design best enrolls their clients, or sells their offer. If you've bought the Key Codes, this is the next step accelerator, wonderful big sister. We intersect trauma informed, human first business practices, with ethical sales—and examine a world beyond traditional launching. 

-Understanding your leadership design, and what this means for how you launch or enroll clients.

-Having a beautiful arsenal of human first business practices to support sold out offers

-With your next enrollment or UN-Launch plan next steps.

Leadership assessment. Discover your first and secondary style. 

1X video on human first business practices

Sample enrollment or launch protocols for each style.

4x videos on each leadership design, and their most ideal enrollment/selling processes


HI! It's the Leadership Lesbians, Rachel and Sara Turner.

We believe in a human first approach to business.

We also believe you're really fucking smart, and intuitive, and we want your leadership and business to thrive off of YOU, and your inner compass—instead of what someone else thinks is successful.

Rachel has been an online mentor for 9 years, and Sara has her masters in leadership.

Together, we bring our knowledge to you through UN—Launch.

So business can start feeling human for you too.





Guidebook with case studies and walk through of each video. 

Want me to build your next enrollment plan with, and for you? I would love to.

The Elevated Un-Launch plan includes:

-45 min session with me ($350)
-UN-Launch ($97)
-Your next enrollment protocol: detailed protocol for how to sell out your offer, done for you based off your leadership design + our intake session ($499)
-2 week voxer access with me + unlimited updates to your enrollment plan ($700)

Elevated Un—Launch


Elevated Un—Launch

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