A four month small group mentorship for entrepreneurs who want to take a human first approach to business, and ditch old school marketing so they can run a business that sells out their offers without selling themselves out.

Welcome To The League

To have an idea, and to move vulnerably forward with it, isn’t business. It’s art.

Yes, there are the things inside of that, too—the numbers, the analytics, the strategies and tactics. But at the core of the *things*, there is much more than just things.

There’s art. There’s a human. There’s YOU.

Business is art. Your business is art.

But business most likely wasn’t made with you in mind.

-Like you’ve done a lot of things in business, but nothing feels right or good to you?
-Like you’ve spent years in business relying heavily on your resilience and your energy to move forward?
-Like the strategies you’ve been taught have failed to support and embrace your art?
-Like you can’t figure out how to create sustainability within your business and your life?

Traditional business and bro marketing were built by old white guys—aka, with the most amount of privilege, ever.

Meaning that, unless you identify as straight, white, cisgender, financially stable, and analytical in process, business wasn’t inherently made for you.

This is problematic, because to move strategy-first, rather than human-first, in business—bypasses humanity and privilege.

Which is why, you may be here...

Do you feel like others have failed to see you for who you are at your core?

I did. I have. And I still do feel unseen, by most industry folks.

I’m Rachel, a queer woman with a Visionary leadership design, meaning I work in high highs and low lows. These are two qualities typically not taken into consideration by most coaches, books, podcasts, and courses.

I’ve been in business for almost 9 years now, and for most of those 9 years, I never worked with or hired a business coach for myself—because all of the people who promised to “see me,” weren’t even looking in my direction.

And not only did they fail to see me, they didn’t see anyone in business who didn’t fit that traditional mold.

-They said “I see you,” but they didn’t see folks in larger bodies, beyond their size.
-They said “I hear you,” but they didn’t hear Black folks when they asked us to show up, commit to anti-racism, and MEAN it.
-They said “I understand you,” but they didn’t take the time to get to know you, who you are at your core, and hold space for you to have your process. To just, be.

It’s because of experiences like these, that show the marginalized, the misfits, the folks whose messages go against the grain, that business was not made for them.

Not the “traditional” way of doing business, anyway.

But my wife Sara and I are definitely not normal business coaches.

We wanted to create space for you, and your business, your art, to exist in the world. To explore with playfulness, curiosity, your BIG feelings, and the unapologetic delivery of the truth, in a way that honors your humanity at the core.

Welcome to The League

A 4-month, small-group mentorship for misfit entrepreneurs with BIG feelings—who want to take a human-first approach to business, so you can sell out your offers, without selling yourself out.

Rachel & Sara here—your business & leadership coaches for the next four months!

We believe a strong business is one that moves from a human-first approach, instead of strategy first.

We're able to do this and support business from your core by utilizing the four leadership designs:

The Nurturer
The Analyst
The Conductor
The Visionary

Each style gives us information as to how you work, create, and move through business based on your energy, personality, and behaviors.

As we help you understand your leadership designs, we can begin to weed out practices and methods that don't make sense for you, and begin to utilize ones that do.

Your work in The League will allow you to finally break free of traditional bro marketing, and run your business in the way it was meant to—from your core.

Call Breakdown:

Inside of The League, you will be supported by Sara and I, and other misfit entrepreneurs as we all learn from each other to build a human-first, trauma-informed approach to business—considering privilege, your leadership designs, and free of shame and manipulation

Here’s what’s going down

Call 1: The Leadership Designs
Learn what your leadership design is so we can build systems and blueprints around your natural behavioral patterns.

Call 2: Copy & Posts
Learn how to honor your leadership design in how you create content so how your business looks on the outside, reflects who you are on the inside. With special guest speaker, Natalie Tropolini. A brilliant ethical copy writer.

Call 3: Misfit Marketing
Ditch old-school, bro marketing and learn how each leadership design sells out their offers with strategies, and systems that make sense for their energy, behavior, and personality while acknowledging privilege, always. 

Call 4: Offer Audit
Go behind the scenes of your offers, products, and programs, and make sure the ins and outs of them are built to speak to multiple leadership designs, ensuring your clients have successful experiences working with you.

Calls 5 + 6: Build Your Own Systems
In these two calls, you'll learn exactly how to build systems to sell out your offers without selling yourself out, that root from the core of your leadership designs.

Calls 7 + 8: Implementation Phase
Get feedback on what's working and what's not, so by the time you leave, your systems are tested and you feel good about how they work for you.


During our time together, we invite you to embrace:

Playfulness: Business will never be easy, but that doesn’t mean it always has to feel so hard and heavy. We honor and explore the full scope of humanity inside of business, allowing space to get curious, to ask questions, to laugh, get silly, and to play.

Courage: Your business is art, and it’s a vulnerable thing to share with the world. Your courage as an entrepreneur comes from moving with that fear, and showing resilience when being faced with rejection or silence.

Communication: I don’t just love the truth, I love the delivery of the truth. I promise to give you space for the full truth to exist between us, so we can create a deep, shared understanding of one another, and a relationship built on trust, and free of assumptions.

Program Investment:

-2x 90-minute Zoom calls per month
-Live hot seats on each call
-Call recordings & call notes always sent to you within 24 hours of the call
-Access to our leadership app, The Arena

regular membership
$2500 ($2000 PIF)

Elevated membership

-2x 90-minute Zoom calls per month
Call recordings & call notes always sent to you within 24 hours of the call
-Access to our leadership app, The Arena
-Voxer access to us Monday–Friday, 9–5
-1x 90-minute call with Rachel & Sara per month


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can't make a call? Is it still worth it?
A: Yes! Even if you miss a call and watch the replay, you're still walking away with the core of how YOU move through business. And, you'll be able to submit your questions if you can't make it live.

Q: It's just the calls?
A: 100%. With all of the heaviness in the world, we didn't want you to have any other distractions or places you needed to show up. You'll have The Arena to catch call replays, and ask questions if those arise, but there's nothing else you need to show up to your plug in.

Q: I'm burnt out on 'things' to do, will this work for me?
A: This isn't a 'thing' you have to do. This is all about learning how YOU work, and what you need to support yourself and your business. Think of this is taking all the 'things' off your plate so you can finally take a breath in your business.

Q: Payment plans?
A: Absolutely. For both regular and VIP you can choose 4,6 or 10 monthly payments. 

We don't take it lightly you're about to let us into your headspace + business.

I believe that trust is built in small moments, and it is a culmination of all of these experiences that you will begin to trust that the way you do business isn’t wrong—it is you, your art, and that is fucking beautiful.

We would be honored to hold space for you in this way, for the next four months, so you can ditch bro marketing and move in your business in a way that feels good for you always.

Love Notes:

"I've been going through a 6 month process of unlearning a lot from past coaches, courses, and frameworks.
Rachel has been the perfect guide through this journey, helping me see how to rebuild my concept of business around PEOPLE. Everything I'm creating and selling feels goof to me, and the good to my community. I have Rachel to thank!
She's everything the coaching industry needs right now!
-The League client, Emelie

"Rachel's support as I navigate my own business in the midst of a global pandemic, historical revolution and the terror of entrepreneurship has felt like the most grounding anchor. As a therapist, I'm picky about who I turn to for support. Rachel is the first business coach I have ever felt truly safe with. Her human first and trauma informed approach to business has felt so therapeutic for me. She gives me so much room to have my process and the kind of support that feels like a full body exhale. The last few months of working with her has made me feel the most grounded I have felt since launching my business. She has supported me in discovering and navigating the ways that feel accessible and in integrity for me to show up for my business. I feel both deeply excited and safely held by Rachel so I can be my full self in my business and create something that feels aligned with my values and needs as a person. Her human centered, ethical & trauma informed approach to business is much needed in the space of online entrepreneurs. She teaches the most important things in business that most coaches don't: that it's okay to be a full spectrum human, that there's no such thing as a perfect strategy-only the one that works for you, that business IS personal and you get to create something sustainable for yourself."
-The League client, Alyssa P.


There are 5 total spots available for the elevated membership. 

How do you know it's for you?

-You wanted to work with me 1:1 but missed the cut off date of my last *ever* 1:1 enrollment.
-You're looking for 1:1 support as we enter 2021. You want someones eyes and hands in your business with you.
-You want a space to have your process. To explore new ideas, get feedback, test out new ways to be in business and know you have a space to land in.
-You want to have a trauma informed business coach.

Please note: I do not work 1:1 with folks who contribute to diet culture.

Should you do the elevated membership?




You can be yourself in business, and still make money doing it without using bro marketing. We can teach you how.

let's bring you back to yourself.

- Erica S.

I opened it to the public on Monday afternoon, and have since sold 7 more spots, most without calls. I actually enrolled one more, so 13 total."

(her goal was 8 new clients)

"Sold out, bitch.

kind words

"I can’t recommend this program enough, especially to those who experience depression and/or anxiety.

 For almost 5 years I’ve struggled to accept myself and the way that I work, and I’ve compared myself to people in my industry that seemed to always “have it together”. But now I’m redefining what success means to me and realizing that I am so content with" what I have and where I’m going with my business."


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