A four month small group mentorship for entrepreneurs who want to take a human first approach to business, and ditch old school marketing so they can run a business that feels like them.

Let's begin.

Welcome To The League

Your business doesn't feel like you?

Your business isn't necessarily falling apart by any means, but you want to enhance it?

For it to run from your core, and not the bro marketing 'way to do business' you've been taught?

Are you bored, and annoyed of jumping from course, to program, to coach, still not feeling like your business makes sense for you?

And most importantly, are you tired of trying strategy after strategy to make your business work? 

And I'm guessing you're here because..

business is human.

"Rachel has helped me feel at home in my business. A place I never knew could feel, or be like home."

—Alyssa Chang.

We know a thing or two about that...

Beam me up! I want in now.

One payment of $997.

Bonus: when you PIF you'll get four months free access to our leadership app, The arena.

of $297.

The first 10 people to enroll get a bonus 1:1 leadership strategy call with sara.

You can be yourself in business, and still make money doing it without using bro marketing. We can teach you how.

let's bring you back to yourself.

Learn what your leadership style is so we can build systems, and blueprints around your natural behavioral patterns.

Call 3

Copy + Posts! Learn how to honor your leadership style in how you create content so the external of your business reflects your core.

call 2

Call 1

Misfit marketing! Ditch old school marketing and learn how each leadership style sells out their off with strategies, and systems that make sense for their energy, behavior, and personality. 

Are you ready to have a human first approach to business?

You'll walk away from four months ...

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Not have a to play a character online, and in your business? Performative business in order to sell out your offer, no longer lives here.

Deeply understand how YOU best sell out your offer, create, and work in your business based on your core needs, and not what someone else is telling you?

Feel empowered by the leadership you move in your business with. No longer needing to move away from yourself in order to make your business work?


The League

Join my wife, Sara, and I in a four month small group mentorship where you'll learn how to run your business from your core.

You'll walk away feeling closer to yourself both in and out of your business than you ever have, with strategies, systems, and leadership—built around you, and no one else.

-Having a deep understanding of your leadership style, and what this means for how you work + exist both in and out of business.

-With a clear blueprint of your enrollment, or launch process that you've built around your core.

-Beaming confidence in what you write + create, build, and how your market.

2x 90 min zoom sessions with Sara and I each month. With access to feedback on your offers, what you're creating, and what's coming up for you in your business.

FOUR fire months of mentorship with you, me, Sara, and a small group of misfit entrepreneurs who all want their business to be a powerful reflection of who they are.

BONUS 1:1 leadership strategy session with Sara if you're one of the first 10 to enroll!

Recording of call + call notes always sent to you within 24 hours of the call!

What's going down?

Rachel and Sara here, your business and leadership coaches for the next four months!

We believe a strong business is one that moves from a human first approach, instead of strategy first.

We're able to do this, and support business from your core by utilizing the four leadership styles.

The Nurturer
The Analyst
The Conductor
The Visionary

Each style gives us information as to how you work, create and move through business based on your energy, personality, and behaviors.

As we help you understand your leadership styles, we can begin to weed out practices and methods that don't make sense for you. And begin to utilize ones that do.

Your work in The League will allow you to finally break free of traditional bro marketing, and begin to run your business in the way it was meant to.

From your core.


call 4

Go behind the scenes of your offer/product/ and program, and make sure the in's and out's of it are built to speak to multiple leadership styles, ensuring your clients have successful experiences working with you.

Call 5 + 6

call 7+8

It's system time! In these two calls you'll learn exactly how to build  systems to sell out your offers that root from your core of leadership.

 Active implementation from all you've built! Get feedback on what's working and what's not, so by the time you leave, your systems are tested and you're confident they work for you.

BONUS Access to The Arena, our leadership app, for four months when you pay in full!

- Erica S.

I opened it to the public on Monday afternoon, and have since sold 7 more spots, most without calls. I actually enrolled one more, so 13 total."

(her goal was 8 new clients)

"Sold out, bitch.

kind words

Are we doing this?

You have four months with a business coach going into her 9th year, and a Leadership coach—two humans who rage against bro marketing, and want YOU to finally feel like you in your business. 

Our clients often tell us they didn't know business could feel so good, and we want that for you too.

This is your space to ask questions, understand yourself, ditch old school marketing that's rooted in shame, manipulation, and privilege, and begin to take a human first approach to business.

We're probably a good fit for you if..

You believe all bodies are good bodies, not just small ones.

You agree, Black lives matter.

You totally think LGBTQ folks should get married.

You know you don't fit into a box, and your business doesn't either.


Q:What if I can't make a call? Is it still worth it?

A: 1:1 coaching with us is 10k for six months, so even if you miss a call and watch the replay, you're still walking away with the core of how YOU move through business. And, you'll be able to submit your questions if you can't make it live.

Q: It's just the calls?
A: 100%. With the election, pandemic, revolution, and holidays we didn't want you to have any other distractions or places you needed to show up.

Q:This or 1:1?
A:Depends on what you want! The leadership styles, and moving from your core is the underpinning of how we work with clients, so experiencing this will begin to make shifts in your business, and relationship to it. We think this is a great entry point for anyone who wants to work with us, but if you know you want mine and Sara's complete attention,  + hands and eyes in your business, 1:1 is for you.

Q: I'm burnt out on 'things' to do, will this work for me?
A: This isn't a 'thing' you have to do. This is all about learning how YOU work, and what you need to support yourself + your business. Think of this is taking all the 'things' off your plate so you can finally take a breath in your business.

Julia & Steven

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Kind Words


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