A live five week content workshop for business owners who want to refine and create sell-out-your-offer sales content that gets them paid more, easier, and faster—in less than 36 days

Fact: People ready to pay you don’t need as much stuff in content as traditional marketing thinks they need. 

CONTENT DADDY isn’t a goog-able content training on sales psychology, better hooks, THE SECRET TO STORYTELLING SALES, or whatever else you’ve heard and done a billion times.

Because that’s boring and won’t refine your sales content in the way ensures each post you make is making you money. 

This workshop is for business owners who want profitable results without the aspects of a course or program that sound good but only adds to the stress, distractions, and decreases the likelihood of success in said program. 


You want more action, less talking.

When you sign up for CONTENT DADDY, you’re entering a workshop with people who are serious about implementation and results without the fuss. 

If you want frills and bonuses you won’t read or use that distract you from the main goal at hand—this isn’t for you.

I’m of the belief your sales content gives you the strongest ROI when it’s unfussy. 

Which is why this workshop is unfussy.

Bringing this question front and center..

Are you making it harder for people to pay you because your social sales content gives more insight, ideas, and knowledge over what people need to actually leave social media and make a purchase?

Your content has a job—to make you money. 

This doesn’t happen from ‘beating the algorithm’, inspiring people, educating them, batching, ‘good copy’, perfect hooks, or strategies you’ve seen, read, and rolled your eyes at over 100x before.

Your social sales content should..

✅Get people off of social media and onto your sales page to BUY, not just browse

✅Get you paid easier

✅Get you paid consistently

✅Get you paid faster

✅Get you the kind of right and ready to pay, more elevated clients/customers you want to work with

I know you’re sold content programs, strategies and whatever else constantly, and I get the idea of signing up for ‘another content thing’ might be circling your brain with—okay but do I really need this?

No. You don’t. 

You know how to create content.

You make sales. You know the baseline structure of what makes content good even when you feel like what you make is mild to extreme trash (same).

And, you also want to make sure your content is doing what it’s supposed to—getting people to pay you, not just admire you.

Because people are bored of stale content. It’s outdated, not cutting, and refining is never a bad idea

While you don’t need this workshop—wouldn’t it feel really good to know you’re the business owner who's actually making money from their efforts?

To see the results from this workshop in real time?

Over 35 days you’re going to refine your social sales skills, ensuring the work you’re putting into content is designed for ROI. 

CONTENT DADDY is distraction free and prioritizes doing above doing more and more understanding/knowing.

You’ll be getting the right stuff done and implemented in real time (if you want). 

I don’t run programs or offers that ask you to stop your life for frills, unnecessary skills, or more knowledge that you truly don’t need. 

You have enough.






Whether you're ready to launch an offer, pitch a 1:1 service, or sell something ongoing—in this five week long workshop you'll..

  • Create more content that gets you paid easier and faster
  • Reduce any friction that currently exists in your sales funnel from social media to getting paid
  • See more monetization of your social sales efforts and not just admiration and appreciation
  • Attract clients who are both RIGHT and READY for your work—those elevated folks who will be the most successful in your offer/product/service
  • Implement what we’re working on live to see results in real time

CONTENT DADDY is about …

  • Seeing results from each ‘publish’ you tap throughout the week
  • Watching sales come in directly from the content you put out
  • You selling to a right + ready-to-pay-for-your-offer audience (and them actually paying)
  • Making your day to day easier because content that sells doesn’t require doing the most


✅Want an unfussy business

✅Are ready for sharper content that's reliable in what it’s bringing in for you—paying clients ready for your offer/work

✅Are excited that it’ll be easier for you to get paid with more razor sharp content that doesn’t just ‘do well’, or get rave admiration, but gets you paid—consistently, faster, easier, and well

✅Would love to sharpen your client attraction method through content that keeps people reading, paying, and staying engaged in your space

✅Would also be siked to have more clients/customers/buyers who are already on board with your approaches and offers—no convincing them (sometimes by accident) to see why your work is important

Sign me up

CONTENT DADDY is a live five week workshop for business owners who want to sharpen their social sales content and skills to make sure their content is doing what it’s supposed to—getting you paid.

Since 2012 I’ve supported thousands of entrepreneurs with my wisdom to keep my finger on the pulse of what works right now. What works for each individual entrepreneur to sell out their offer without selling themselves out.

Which is why I know content will always be kingthe thing to successful sales. 

I know coaches, copywriters, and email lovers might disagree. 

Because sure, you don’t own your social content, and we don’t want to rely solely on social media—but the only way people get onto your other platforms is *typically* through whatever media platform you use.

‘What would be a miracle for your dream clients right now?’

This is a question I ask my clients when helping them get clarity on the exact needs of their right and ready client.

The answer is typically something they perceive as boring—because it isn’t profound.

Let’s look at this offer for example..

I could easily say you desire to be confident in your sales content, see more sign ups, trust the kind of content you’re creating is landing etc. 

While that might be true, the miracle, and urgent need/desire you have is..

You want every piece of content you put out to make you money. 

It’s that simple.

How do you want that to happen?

👉Without frills

👉Distraction free

👉Void of unnecessary homework

👉As efficiently as possible 

👉Without having to learn a bunch of new skills that’ll add a boring amount of useless time to your day

Ok.. Rachel, but how? 

CONTENT DADDY makes sure..

  • You’re only selling to your right and ready clients (which IS different than just a ‘right’ client)
  • People want to leave social media and buy your offer for YOU and your content above anyone else
  • You’re getting not only link clicks, but a strong momentum of purchases
  • When you actively start selling people are ready to buy, they don't need to get ready
  • It’s easy for people to pay you. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to pay people when their content hits, but doesn’t click and turn into sales
  • You have a strong audience of people already on board with your concepts, offers, and approaches. You won’t have to make sure people ‘get it’
  • People don’t misunderstand your offer because it’s nuanced in the best way possible, sometimes making it harder to translate into simple + sellable content

Monetize your words with me. Make sure it’s easy for people to pay you, and your sales content is selling to people ready to pay you.

You’ve been doing—relatively—the same thing for a long time and it’s worked.

But I want your content to move with where you’re at now, and do it’s core job more efficiently so your results are faster and stronger.

I’m not going to waste your time acting like you don’t know the essentials of creating—because you actively do this. 

CONTENT DADDY is about strengthening and sharpening your sales content and process from social all the way through purchase.  

My speciality isn’t in just knowing how to make your sales content generate you money, it’s in my ability to help you refine the skills you already have, with actions that work because they’re built for the long haul. And designed around you—for you.

For my skimmers ,CONTENT DADDY is making sure your sales content gets you paid faster, easier, more, and well. You’ll have more right and ready clients actively paying you, an audience of bought in—already on board with your approaches, ideas, and offers , humans, that makes it easy for you to get paid.


If you want to get paid more from content because it's actually working for you and you’re over vague, overused, and expired content trainings because you know the essentials, do them, and are more interested in refining your skills—this is for you. 

It’s for coaches who launch, service providers who consistently sell + pitch, folks who make money through evergreen offers or products, and those committed to the long game of their business.

And yes, you, who thinks your offer is too nuanced for any kind of updated content support.

Whether you're a witch, a make-up artist for science fiction movies, a ballerina offering astrology readings, a teacher selling products to other teachers, or whatever other business/offer you think I don't understand—I do.

This works because it's not an old white man, stale strategy or formulaic-batching-shit show.

It's dynamic, result driven, refinement for people who want their content to make them money—period.

Here’s the deal…

You want undupeable and uncopyable content that sells your offers with a strong momentum and doesn’t add to the noise your right and ready client already consumes from your competitors all day, everyday. 

You want a friction free, social sales content strategy that produces more sales.

You want the nitty gritty so you can experience the growth and/or more consistent momentum you’ve been working towards (without the stress) because rich and rested is the vibe for you.

Here’s how it goes down…

Invest $697 and Here’s What You Unlock:
(Yes, there’s a payment plan)

✅Four 75-Min Power Sessions Over Five Weeks: We skip one week - that’s your time to absorb and apply. No filler, just action-packed, live Zoom sessions.

✅Real-Time Content Creation: We’re not just talking theory. You’ll craft content live, during our calls. Got questions? Ask them as we roll. I make sure there is always room to learn while doing so you don't just add more ideas and insights to your mind.

✅No-Nonsense Content Approaches: Forget batching and spreadsheets. You get flexible, straightforward approaches all about one thing – making sure your content brings in real cash. Keep what makes sense, leave behind what doesn't. This isn't a one-size-fits-all workshop.

✅Full Access to All Session Recordings: Missed something? No sweat. Replay and review on your own time. Every delightful drop of wisdom, yours to revisit.

✅Implement Today, See Results Today Strategies: I’m giving you the easy to refine and implement adjustments and strategies needed to figure out what makes your content tick. No waiting, just implementing and watching the results roll in.

✅30-Day Real-Deal Social Sales Challenge: This isn’t a beige, cringe forward, totally-sucks-ass-challenge. It’s about getting your hands dirty and seeing real results. You’re not just learning; you’re doing. This is where the theory meets the road.

✅30 Days of Profit-Driven Content Prompts: No one liner, vague concepts to roll with. Just straight-up effective prompts + breakdowns with clear direction. You’ll know not just what to do, but how to make it work for you, fine-tuning your content into a money-making machine.



A live five week social sales content workshop for business owners who want to refine and create sell-out-your-offer sales content that gets them paid more, easier, and faster—in less than 36 days.

💥Call details below💥


Dates + Times

📅February 1st—10am est (pre-call)

📅February 8th—10am est (official first call)

📅February 22nd—10am est

📅February 29th—10am est

📅March 7th—10am est


Zoom (wait, you're muted).

All sessions will be online, between 75-90 minutes.

Come as long as you want, stay muted if that feels best, hide your face if it's what makes you feel the most comfortable, or participate as much as you'd like.

These are YOUR calls. No fuss, no dancing, just wordsmithing your way to wealth (whatever that means to you).


The cost for the entire five weeks is $697.

Payment plans just for you. Pick what works best..

✅Pay In Full

✅2x payments of $348.50

✅4x payments of $174.25

✅6x payments of $116.16

Call 1: Purchase Path Optimization

👉🏼From Scroll To Purchase

✅Spot and Smash Hidden Hurdles: Identify and eliminate the subtle obstacles in your social media sales content that are slowing down your sales.

✅Implement Straightforward Fixes: Apply practical, no-nonsense solutions to make the buying process from your posts as effortless as clicking 'like'.

✅Take Actionable Steps: Transform your sales content into a clear, straight path to the 'Buy Now' button, effectively turning followers into buyers without unnecessary detours.

Call 2: Buy-Ready Content

👉🏼Crafting Content that Does the Heavy Lifting for You

✅Posts That Do More Than Just Show Up: We'll make sure your audience is full of buyers, not just admirers

✅Content Easy To Leave Social For: Cut through the noise. We're crafting the kind of content your audience can't help but click 'buy' the second they finish reading.

✅Drawing in the Big Fish: Fine-tune your words to land with ready-to-pay clients/customers. We’re not just attracting any clients; we’re reeling in the ones who are eager to invest in what you offer, right here, right now.

Call 3: Write To The Gut

👉🏼Copy That Grabs 'Em by the Gut

✅Gutsy Copywriting: We’re not just writing; we’re striking people on a guttural level like you know your words can do. We're reminding your right and ready clients/buyers now is the time, and your offer is THE offer for them.

✅No-Question, High-Conversion Content: Refine anything that feels wishy-washy with your words. We’re talking copy that’s so clear and sharp your audience knows - without a shadow of a doubt - that they need what you’re selling.

✅The Art of Instant ‘Yes’: Sharpen the skill of writing content that doesn’t just flirt with the idea of selling, but seals the deal. We’ll focus on elevating your messaging so hesitation isn't even an option for your readers.

Call 4: The Wealthy Wordsmith

Now that we've spent time refining every corner of your words, positioning, and messaging—making sure they're all doing their job, we'll wrap up what works for you, and toss what doesn't.

✅You'll finish this call with your finger on the pulse of where the friction points are in your sales process.

👉🏼And to support the above—you'll be prepped with tried and true (for you) adjustments to implement to continue to make it easy for you to get paid through social content.


🌟Personalized Content Effectiveness Report🌟

Limited to 10 business owners who won’t procrastinate until the last minute to sign up.

Get real results, real fast. Sign up by January 14th, and you’re in for a profit game-changer. I’ll dive in and audit your social media, pick out what’s working, and show you how to turn the rest into gold. This isn’t just advice; it’s a practical, straightforward game plan tailored just for you. Expect this in your hands by January 19th. It’s your chance to experiment with your refined feedback, and narrow in BEFORE the workshop so you get to come to session one already more honed in, and seeing results. Limited to the first 10 people who sign up by 1/14 at midnight PST.

Are you one of them?

Sign Up by January 14th and get...

  • Deep Dive Analysis: I'm not just looking at your posts; I'm dissecting them to find what’s making you money, and what’s causing friction in your social-to-check-out sales process.
  • Tailor-Made Brilliance: Forget generic advice. You're getting feedback and actionable steps that are sharp and result driven.
  • Speedy Turnaround: Gear up to receive your bespoke strategy by January 19th, just in time for you to experiment and implement BEFORE we begin to come into session one even stronger. 
  • Sales Power-Up: Ready to see your content do the heavy lifting in your sales process?

Limited seats for the people who aren’t procrastinating to the last minute when not only will this bonus not exist, but the price will have increased. Will you be one of the 10 folks who get in on this?

Ope, you’ve met a hesitation in making the decision to sign up for CONTENT DADDY..

You know your work doesn't fit into an IG post as simply as others. 

Can an offer with nuance, or one that goes against the grain benefit from this intensive?

Yeah—my work is deeply nuanced too. I refuse to water it down or put myself into a box with my content. 

This workshop understands offers that go deeper and hit different.

Not only does this workshop understand that, I know how to make sure even the most nuanced offers translate into sales from unfussy sales content that does its job. 

Was your hesitation softened with clarity here? I hope so. But keep reading if you need a bit more in order to hit buy.  

Are you ready to..

🔥 Work with raw material instead of industry marketing ‘shoulds' in order to get more of the right and ready folks to sign up/inquire/apply for your work?

🔥Go for the jugular with your content so it hits the notes people are actually wanting to see in their online life and pay for in their real world?

🔥Bring rich content to the surface of your sales strategy instead of accidentally blending into the hard-to-buy-from noise?

We’re not over here plugging and playing templates or creating systems you’ve seen a million times before.

Your sales content should be making you more money than it currently is.

This is a frill free, distraction free, wildly effective, full content upgrade that will help you get paid more, faster, well, and easier than ever before with well positioned and sharpened content designed to make you money—not just exist online.

Who are you making more money with, anyway?

I’m Rachel Turner. A trauma-informed sales and marketing strategist. 

If you would have told me when I was a single mom, in and out homeless, that I’d make seven figures from Instagram AND help others do it too, I would have probably laughed in your face. I didn’t have a home, let alone wifi.

However, I’ve now been coaching for almost 12 years. I'm a 2x published Author. And a trauma informed sales and marketing strategist–but I prefer business scientist.

Everything about business comes back to words, positioning, and messaging.

How your internal world communicates with your external communication of who you are and your work. 

You + your insides = sales.

I’m an expert at supporting entrepreneurs like you sell out their offers without selling themselves out, void of bypassing your world and lived experience.

All while making sure your words slice like a knife—only attracting the right and ready paying clients into your world. 

You want to sell out your offer, period, and I can help you do that.

I’ve got an impressive resume to prove that..

🏆13 years of copywriting experience

🏆2x published author (3rd book out soon)

🏆I’ve taught over 100 courses, workshops, and programs on trauma informed copy, social sales content, and writing

🏆I’ve trained dozens of copywriters into a more refined, trauma informed approach to their own writing, and business. Resulting in six figure businesses for all of them

🏆I’ve ghost written for you favorite coaches and *writers* online

Most importantly, I’ve taken that experience and not only know how to talk about create content that sells— I know how to make sure it lands for you and with you. Not ending up in a graveyard of words and content hacks you could care less about.

You’re not learning MY personal strategy, you’re sharpening effective, result driven strategies and practices to become your industries ‘how the fuck do they do THAT’, paid, person.


Are you going to create my content?

No. YOU will. But, we will do it together!

Are there any refunds?

No. There are no refunds.

Do I get 1:1 access to you?

No, this is live in a group setting.

What if I have a question but can't make it?

That's more than okay! You'll be able to submit your question via a google form before each call and I’ll answer as many as I can during our FAQ.

Do I have access to replays?


Will you run this again?

I never say never. But this is a pop up offer, and I won't run it live again.

Does it matter where I'm at in my business in order to sign up?

Not at all! This is about how you approach your sales content, which is for everyone at all stages. 20+ years in, or one month.

I'm the most advanced ever with content, I sell everything I put out, I'm a writer, and incredibly talented—will this be a waste of my time?

Was Michael Jordan the GOAT because he stopped getting skill specific coaching after he started winning? No. He kept training. It won't be a waste of your time if you want to stay at the top of your game. If that's not of interest, you'll 100% waste your time.