The Barebones Brilliance Workshop

In three live calls your offer will become the answer to 'Why Hasn’t Someone Thought of This Before?

My ask of you: Give me 270 minutes of your time and your offer will go from saturated in your market with complexity into something that makes it wildly easy to get paid for. 

Because the thing is… you have thought about the solution before, and it’s been right in front of your right and ready clients this whole time.

The problem: Entrepreneurs hold their offers too close, too precious...


I get it, your offer is nuanced.

It touches depths your competition could ~literally never~.

Everything you put into one offer? You feel it is necessary. A MUST

You wonder... can my clients or customers want to buy my product/service/coaching/program without all the perceived ‘needed’ information and extra explanation, and of course so many bonuses that leave you over-extended in creation.

Here’s what you know to be true:

💡You know your offer is brilliant, you’re not questioning the effectiveness of what you’ve created

Your clients and customers absolutely ADORE your offer. 

📍When you put something new out, you’re confident in it being the right offer. The one people NEED

🧠You’re validated by how spot on your offer is, people tell you this often


You also know it could be selling more. Actually, even though you make sales, things are decent, even better than decent sometimes, you think about all the shoulds..

👀Your offer should be selling faster

👀People should be buying this without hesitation

👀You should be seeing less crickets and more notifications of sign ups/purchases/applications

Here’s the deal:

The market is saturated, not with competition, but with complication. Complexity is the enemy, and your offer – this offer – will be the antidote.






My promise: Instant Clarity

In 270 minutes what you sell will become what your right and ready clients can't live without.

You already do stand out because your approach is different, but it can stand out even further because while others pile on features, you'll be the one they remember.

All I can think about for you is how you’ll become the ultimate curiosity converter. How you already knew this was possible, it happens. 

But now more than ever, you know it’s what's needed. 

You’ve got a nuanced offer, one that sees a level of depth and intention your peers often miss. Because of this your offer can pack too much of a punch sometimes…

  • Details you feel are needed that only create decision fatigue for your right and ready clients
  • The staggering stacks of ‘value’ that are clear as mud
  • Feature upon feature, bonus upon bonus upon

As a trauma informed business coach who's been doing this for 12 years, with over 288 launches under my belt, my work is the definition of nuance and the possibility of unlimited outcomes.

When I’m working on strategy with a client, let’s say for their social sales content, something that happened when they were four could affect how we make content, and maybe we need to elongate their sales period because of this. Which might adjust the time it takes to reach their goal unlike someone else who doesn’t share that same lived experience. 

When I have a client that’s queer, or fat, or Black, neurodivergent, disabled, or a part of another marginalized community, those things can play A HUGE role in safety in marketing depending on the situation.

This could cause pausing on selling, refining marketing in a way that allows us to create whatever safety means to them, and require more experimentation. 

Nuance is the name of the game in my work. 

But I don’t have to list all of that when I sell. 

And it’s not because I’m hiding anything. 

Those things are clear in the embodiment of my work, in who I am. 

I don’t need to list the 400 outcomes that could happen because I know 400 outcomes makes my offer sound absolutely incredible because people can see I don’t bypass who they are... AND

...I know for my work to be successful for someone, I need to refine ultimate clarity in how one specific problem my right and ready client experiences, is sold in the most simplified way so they can make a clear, and empowered buying decision. 

I know I can’t focus on 20 different outcomes, because that requires my client to become skilled in 20 different things. 

Which creates a slowness in buying. 

And more decision fatigue.

The market is HUNGRY for simplicity.

Why would someone sign up for something that appears to be an immersive college class that’ll require so much of their time and energy?

It leaves admirers window shopping instead of buying. 

What seems like a beautifully robust offer in all the best ways can be the biggest roadblock between your right and ready client adoring your offer, and hitting the buy button with ultra simplicity.

You want to sell out your offer, period, and I can help you do that.

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Trust me, I know you love your offer as is and feel like you can’t possibly strip anything. You might feel like…

😩You’re doing your potential clients and customers a disservice

😰Your work won’t be as effective if you don’t include everything you want to

🥴People WANT robust because it means their outcomes or results will be better, stronger etc

What's On The Other Side?

Imagine it.

Your offer doesn’t just land. It resonates. It's not just considered. It's coveted. Your message doesn't just speak to your audience. It sings to them.

Your offer makes sense to the outside world despite how complex it is, WITHOUT losing the core of who you are, and how you approach your work. 

You’re doing a lot, probably too much, of what doesn’t light your fire. 

The daily grind feels like a marathon with no finish line in sight. Because marketing can feel like A LOT, in fact for you, it IS a lot because you’re trying to encapsulate brilliance into 2200 characters.

You’ve made it this far, and you’ve done well for yourself. The money ? Decent. The success ? It’s there. But let’s face the music – you’re hitting a wall , and it’s cramping your style.

Enter Bare Bones Brilliance. It's not just a workshop; it's 270 minutes of your time to break free from best-kept-secret status. Here’s What’s Going Down:

Session 1: Barebones Breakthrough

Dive deep into what really powers your business.

Barebones Breakthrough is about slicing through the surface to get to the guts of your aspirations and challenges.

It’s raw, real, and revealing – focusing on the essence of your offer and its place in your industry.

This is where we dissect your offer, keeping only what's raw, real, and crucial. It's about stripping away the unnecessary and getting down to the nitty-gritty of your business’s true essence.

No more guesswork. You’ll leave this session with a solid grip on what makes your business stand out. 💥

Session 2: Friction-Free Formula

In Friction-Free Formula, we're ironing out the kinks.

Say goodbye to customer hesitations and hello to a seamless buying experience.

An easy to get paid offer needs its edges smoothed out—think of this as a detective session, where we hunt down and eliminate anything that’s tripping up your clients from saying 'heck yes' to your offer.

You’ll spot and squash the snags in your offer, paving the way for seamless, effortless sales.

It’s about making your client's journey from 'maybe' to 'must-have' as smooth as silk. You’ll leave this session with an offer that sells itself 💁‍♀️.

Session 3: Attraction Alchemy

Attract clients who get it – the ones who see your work and know instantly they want in.

No more admirers, just serious takers. No more maybe's. Get the know-how to attract clients who don't need convincing – they’re already in your corner, wallet in hand, and eager to start.

Attraction Alchemy is where your offer gets its bite. Here, we're not just talking strategy; we're crafting an offer that's irresistibly magnetic.

You’ll leave this session with an offer that does the heavy lifting.

Because your right and ready clients have been right in front of you the whole time, they just needed a new vein of conversation to ignite their attraction and readiness to the next level.

Client Love

Barebones Brilliance: Where Your Offer Becomes Irresistible

🎯 Sharp Focus, Clear Results: You know that feeling when something just clicks? That’s what we’re doing here. We’re stripping your offer down to its essence, making it so crystal clear and compelling that your ideal clients can’t help but not only notice but pay for it easier than ever before.

🌟 Simplified Success: No more complex pitches or convoluted offers. Expect a surge in sign-ups, because when your offer is this clear, buying becomes a reflex.

💸 Sustainable Notifications: Get used to the sweet sound of payment alerts. Your revamped offer will not just attract more clients, but the right clients — those ready to pay for what you’re uniquely offering.

🚀 Attract the Right Eyes, Not Just Any Eyes: This workshop is for those who are tired of shouting into the void. We’re talking laser-focused refinement that attracts clients who don’t just nod appreciatively but reach for their wallets.

💥 The 'Aha' Moment, Amplified: Prepare to see your offer transform from 'just another option' to 'the only logical choice.' It's about crafting a message from a finely sculpted offer, so spot-on that your clients feel like you’re reading their minds.

🚀 See the Sign-Ups Skyrocket: Forget about the days of lukewarm leads and 'thinking it overs.' Post-workshop, your offer becomes the no-brainer that has clients rushing to join.

🔥 Effortless Client Attraction: Post-workshop, your offer will be so on point that ideal clients can’t help but sign up. It’s about crafting an irresistible hook that snags attention and keeps it.

You’re about to turn 'Maybe' into 'Absolutely'

You deserve an offer that sells itself because that’s what your offer IS. You KNOW it’s sell-out-able. This isn't about buzzwords. It’s a 270-minute deep dive into the heart of what makes your offer tick and how to make it resonate with your audience in ways it never has before. Get ready to watch your offer turn into a client magnet. We're talking about clients hitting 'sign up' with less hesitation than ever before.

When you dive into Barebones Brilliance, it’s not just about sitting through some calls. You’re unlocking a vault of real, hands-on tools and strategies refined over my TWELVE years as a coach, that will turbocharge your offer.

Here’s what’s in store:

Three Instant Clarity Calls

Each call is a deep dive into the guts of your offer, packed with strategies you can actually use in real time without trying to puzzle-piece them post call wondering ‘okay, but how does this work for me?

The Rich & Raw Offer Playbook

A straight-to-the-point, actionable guide complementing our workshop sessions, crafted to turn your offer into a standout success in your industry.

The Irresistible Offer Formula

Craft offers that are impossible to overlook with this proven formula. Whether you have 300 followers, or 30k, this is a finely curated equation to make your offer friction-free and easier to buy.

Storytelling for Sales Success

Now that your offer is sharpened to it’s undeniable-yes, I want to make sure your copy mirrors your new precision.

I’m handing over an in-depth, easy to implement training on using storytelling in your marketing for optimal sales conversion.

From the hands of someone with 13+ years of copywriting experience, and a 2x published (with another on the way) author, you’re not just getting the hero's journey, you’re getting tangible strategies to make your content impossible to ignore.

In-Depth Case Studies

Gain insights, and inspiration from a selection of real-world case studies that demonstrate the approach of Barebones Brilliance in action.

Learn from the successes and pivots of others who have sharpened their offers to the finest point possible.

Post-Workshop Game Plan

You won’t be left hanging post-workshop.

Get a done-for-you strategic offer action plan that’s all about keeping the momentum and making sure maybe’s stay yes’s.

Choose Your Adventure

Base Level - $333

When you dive into Barebones Brilliance, it’s not just about sitting through some calls. You’re unlocking a vault of real, hands-on tools and strategies refined over my TWELVE years as a coach, that will turbocharge your offer.

🚀 Three Instant Clarity Calls

📘 The Rich & Raw Offer Playbook

💡 The Irresistible Offer Formula

💬 Storytelling for Sales Success

🔍 In-Depth Case Studies

📈 Post-Workshop Game Plan

Copy Launchpad Upgrade - $555

For an additional $222, join TWO additional exclusive sessions.

Transform your narrative and copy to match the percision of your newly refined offer with The Copy Launchpad Upgrade.

✨The Narrative Nuance Workshop


✨Wordplay Breakthrough

Unlock the un-google-able strategies to storytelling and wordplay that make your offer a consistent stream of yes’s. Imagine your brand story not just being told, but being felt and remembered.

See your copy not just communicating, but captivating. This is your chance to craft a narrative and copy that are as unforgettable as your offer. Make each word count.

Tell Me More About the Upgrade Calls

Narrative Nuance Workshop

Expect to Explore:

  • Storytelling Alchemy: Unlock the art of weaving captivating stories that resonate with your audience on a cellular level.
  • Emotional Resonance: Learn to infuse your narrative with emotions that connect and stay with your potential clients and customers throughout the day. You'll be the voice they remember to pull their credit card out for.
  • Structural Sleight-of-Hand: Nail the structure behind compelling stories that keep readers hooked from start to finish.

Subtlety & Surprise: Refine the use of subtlety and surprise elements to add depth and can't-look-away-energy to your brand narrative.

Wordplay Breakthrough

Expect to Explore:

  • Potent Phrasing: Hone your skill in crafting powerful phrases that not only stick, but make sales.
  • Conciseness Mastery: Perfect the art of being succinct and being able to translate that into a brilliant level of intrinsic motivation for your potential clients and buyers to hit 'sign up'.
  • Attention-Grabbing Techniques: Strategies for creating irresistible hooks and headlines that make your sales content the one people scroll buy because it blends into everything else.

Expressive Language Use: Techniques to enhance your messaging with vivid and evocative copy.

In Barebones Brilliance we strip away the unnecessary until we find the heart of your offer.

Your potential clients are begging for an offer that makes sense — that doesn’t make them sift through jargon.

The more ‘things’, unlimited outcomes or possibilities your offer provides equal decision fatigue, not easier pathways to pay you.

By now, you’ll start seeing your offer not as a list of features but as a clear, irresistible solution.

Barebones Brilliance is about your offer getting no more maybe's. 

It’s about the clients who don't need convincing signing up for what has always been right in front of them. 

This is about making an offer so razor sharp, it would feel incredibly foolish for your right and ready clients not to buy.


offer refinement

Barebones Brilliance

Barebones Brilliance

Regular price $333
Regular price Sale price $333
Pre-launch Price Sold out

In three live calls your offer will become the answer to 'Why Hasn’t Someone Thought of This Before?

Enter the world where vague offers go to get a backbone. 

Make it easier for you to get paid with the best sales strategy you could ever have..a refined offer. 

My ask of you: Give me 270 minutes of your time and your offer will go from saturated in your market with complexity into something that makes it wildly easy to get paid for. 

Will you be ending out the year with an offer so razor sharp people would feel foolish NOT signing up?

If you're debating getting that upgrade, I promise you won't regret it. 

Each of the two calls are giving you in real time, easy to implement copy enhancements to amplify your offer even further in your industry. 

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When are the calls?

Call one: Wednesday November 29th 11am EST

Call two: Wednesday December 6th 9:30 am EST

Call three: Wednesday December 13th 9:30 am EST


Copy call one: Friday December 8th 10am am EST

Copy call two: Friday December 15th at 10 am est

Are the calls recorded?

Yes, they are all recorded.

Do I get 1:1 access to you?

There is no 1:1 component to this live workshop series. However you will get to ask questions on our live calls, and submit questions in a feedback form that I can answer on our calls, or in a bonus video if needed.

When do I get access to all materials?

Because my work is rooted in a trauma-informed, Human First© approach, it's deeply nuanced, and I like to make sure folks are guided through the concepts before opening a workbook to something they’ve never learned before. It can often lead to a feeling of confusion or an ‘I failed before I started’ vibe. With that, all bonuses and deliverables will become available to you the day of our first call, November 29th, 2023.

Are there refunds?

While we want you to be satisfied with your purchase due to the nature of this offer being a live workshop, there are no refunds offered.

Are there payment plans?

I offer Shop Pay Installments which will allow you to break your payments up into 12 monthly payments interest free.

How long are the live calls?

They'll be between 75-90 min.

I really want to do this but I've been treated really poorly in other containers by the coach or folks inside. Will this make sense for me?

I can't possibly know if THIS will be the place for you. And I do know how awful it is to be in a space where you're being neglected or bypassed by the coach or peers inside.

I can't claim a safe space, and what I can say is that in being a trauma informed coach, I will focus on harm reduction, and repair work when needed.

I don't take on folks who contribute to diet culture, or who aren't actively involved in their own anti-racism work.

This doesn't mean this is a perfect place, at all, and I do my best to make sure my folks are walking into a place where the many intersections they hold are not only witnessed, but held, and acknowledged through every step of our work.

I'm an experienced entrepreneur, will this help me?

I created this offer through the lens of: if my coach was running this, would I buy it?

Not because it's good, which it is, but because it's not something you can google. It's not something basic you've seen 100x over. 

But I recommend this workshop series for any entrepreneur who has a rare offer, a unique edge, and wants to make sure their offer is purchased more than admired. So yes, you can have 20+ years under your belt.

We are never above refinement.