I'm a business mentor for creatives, and misfits—who are craving business done their way.


I use a whole human approach to business.


I like to look at clients as a whole, as they are. Not simply through the lens of 'what's working in their business or not', because that doesn't tell the whole truth.

We must look beyond the moving parts of business, and  begin to look at the person who's running it. So we can take mindful strategy and action when designing a business that moves in accordance with each business owners personality, unique leadership style, and voice.

I'm headed into my 9th year of business this April, and in this time, I've gone from a single mom, sleeping on floors, and living off food pantry boxes—to a multiple six figure business.

This doesn't mean much, the money part—I hate when people lead with that, as if it means much? Okay, so you made money.

I care more about the how.

Which is why I'm in business to begin with.

As a gay woman, and someone who didn't fit well into the popular IG crowd, no lines of credit, or family money to fall back on— I realized very early on in business that I was either going to have to sell myself out in some kind of way to grow my business, or find another way.

So I made it my life's work to help entrepreneurs grow their business sustainably, by being themselves.

And it worked.

I work with sex educators, therapists, life coaches, doctors, designers, astrologists, business coaches, and other service based online providers—and I've been able to help thousands sell out their offers organically.

Without a big following, pretty IG accounts, or old white dude marketing tactics. 

I would love to help you do the same.

Sara is my wife, and she's also the in-house leadership coach for all my 1:1 clients, and the co-founder of The Arena with me.

She has her masters in leadership. When working with a new 1:1 client, she helps them identify their unique leadership style, and what this means for how they sell, market, create, and work with their clients.

two is better than one (sometimes)

Meet Sara

and outside of work..

We're raising our son, Cooper! 

Or, we might be reading YA novels, or watching one of our many shows.

I like shows, and movies like some enjoy music. I feel shows in my bones, and I don't fuck around when it's time to pick a movie. I like to pick movies based on moods. Like, Matilda, is a Tuesday afternoon, work off early, still sunny out but too tired to actually go outside, vibe.
I'm an author, I wrote a book called Brave and Afraid.

And, my dad and I are really close so if you hire me, I'm sure you'll hear me say "you know, I was talking to my dad the other day, and he mentioned...".

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Founder & CEO

Ally Mason

Humanness is the core of business.

we believe

We believe at the core of a successful business is a coach, and leader who doesn't need to leave themselves in the stretch of success. No performing, no manipulation, no relaying on the path someone else has cerated, but wholly living into your own.

In people over profit

we believe

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what we value


We believe wholehearted brands, and businesses move in action from their core compass, not a list of values that sound nice. We believe in the wholeness of each individual business is a voice that leads from truth, inclusion, and the belief that wholeness isn't rooted in making others comfortable in the stretch of greater change.


At the heart of a successful business, is someone who is willing to be seen, have their voice heard, and not perform 'pretty'. We believe play in business allows the fluidity of your humanness to remain at the forefront of a sustainable business you love. 

Black Lives, and..

We believe Black lives matter, queer people should be able to get married (hi, we did this!), and not get fired for being queer. We value all bodies, disabled, fat, Black, and NBIPOC, queer, and trans.

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