Using the four leadership styles, The Leadership Key Codes will walk you through what your leadership style is, and what that means for how you launch, or enroll clients.

let's create.

Are you a creative entrepreneur who's feeling trapped by the idea of traditional marketing?

Maybe you've bought a launch course and it left you feeling burnt-out?

Or, maybe you dread the idea of enrolling new clients because you feel like you have to rely on YOU being 'on' constantly to make it happen?

Stop! Don't buy another launch program.

business is human.

We believe in a human first approach to business.

What this means is, instead of grabbing for strategies and systems FIRST, we check out how the client in front of US works and moves naturally—before anything else.

We get a whole picture of the human by treating them as a human with a business, not a business with a human, and we also utilize our leadership assessment which lets us KNOW HOW THE PERSON IN FRONT OF US WORKS BEST.

Is this how you look trying to plan how you'll sign more clients?


The Leadership Key Codes are a breakdown of each leadership style, along with what they need to support how they naturally work, create, and market best.

Or, as you'll soon know it, your code to all the freedom you say you want in your business, but never actually feel.

What if you could sell out your offers without your business needing old school marketing tactics, requiring you to be 'on' all the time?

Learn what your leadership style is so you can build your marketing blueprint off of who you are.


Discover the underpinning of who you are inside, and out of business.



Go live! Now that you have a baseline of what works for you and what doesn't, you can begin to put what you learned into the world so you next enrollment process feels powerful.

There are four unique leadership styles.

You'll walk away from The Leadership Key Codes...


They each hold a certain set of behaviors, qualities, and systems the specific styles flow with naturally. 

These styles also allow Sara and I know, how our clients will launch or enroll  clients with more ease based 100% off of them, and not someone else.

The Leadership Key Codes

This guide was built to walk you through what your style is + how you market mindfully so your next launch or enrollment feels like it's working with you, not against you.

-Understanding your leadership style, and what this means for how you launch or enroll clients, market, create, and work.

-More confident in how you approach your business, knowing you're truly moving from systems and methods built for someone like you.

-Feeling closer to yourself, instead of constantly reaching outside of you for success.

Leadership assessment. Discover your first and secondary style. 

3 page breakdown on each style.

Sample enrollment or launch protocols for each style.

4 mini videos on each style, and what enrollment looks like in action.

HI! It's the Leadership Lesbians, Rachel and Sara Turner.

We believe in a human first approach to business.

We also believe you're really fucking smart, and intuitive, and we want your leadership and business to thrive off of YOU, and your inner compass—instead of what someone else thinks is successful.

Rachel has been an online mentor for 8 years, and Sara has her masters in leadership.

Together, we bring our knowledge to you through The Leadership Key Codes. 

So business can start feeling human for you too.




- Erica S.

I opened it to the public on Monday afternoon, and have since sold 7 more spots, most without calls. I actually enrolled one more, so 13 total."

(her goal was 8 new clients)

"Sold out, bitch.

kind words

Are you ready to hit 'sold out, bitch' in your business?

The Leadership Key Codes will help you begin to run your business, and sell out your offers without having to sell out yourself.

No longer do you need someone else's 'six figure system' that worked for them, in order to live by your own definition of success.

The codes will set you free.

No we're not in the matrix right now, but that last line did make it seem as such.

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Kind Words


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