I work with experienced creatives who are going against the grain, and creating change in the world— how to sell out their offers, without selling themselves out.

It's time for you, and your business, to be able to take a breath.

let's create.

The Mindful Misfit Mentorship

Are you a creative entrepreneur who feels like 'traditional' approaches to success, and business, don't make sense for you?

Have you gotten pretty far on your own, but now you feel like you can't take a breath in your business because in order to not to succumb to old school marketing, you feel like YOU need to bring each individual client in?

It's time.

business is human.

"Her capacity for care, integrity and joy is, I find, amazing. Working with her is FUN. I literally call her the fairy godmother of my business. Anytime I need her, she comes and sprinkles her magic fairy dust."

— Allison t.

What if you could sell out your offers without your business needing old school marketing tactics, requiring you to be 'on' all the time?

let's bring you back to yourself.

Learn what your leadership style is so we can build systems, and blueprints around your natural behavioral patterns.


Now that we know how you work, it's time build your systems, and structure rooted from your inner compass. 



Go live! We test your systems in real time to see if you like the way they feel—then we tweak, get feedback (from you), so you can leave with a system you can duplicate again and again.

I get it. You don't need more information. You need implementation—
made for you.

You'll walk away from six months ...

You've been led to believe that in order to have any kind of success, you need to leave yourself. Use someone else's program, model, or system.

Which is why I'm sure your business feels so exhausting, trying to keep up with other peoples boxes.

What if you could sell out your offers, without having to leave yourself?


The Mindful Misfit Mentorship

Join me in a six month 1:1 mentorship where you'll learn exactly how to run and operate your business + sell out your offers, built around your unique programming.

You'll walk away feeling closer to yourself both in and out of your business than you ever have, with systems that move with your flow instead of against it.

-Understanding your leadership style, and what this means for how you launch or enroll clients, market, create, and work.

-With a clear blueprint designed for you of your enrollment, or launch process.

-Feeling closer to yourself, instead of constantly reaching outside of you for success.

2x 90min 1:1 sessions with me each month on zoom.

1x session a month with Sara, our in house leadership coach.

M-F voxer access to me and Sara both!

Access to our leadership app, The Arena, for 1 year.

2x monthly team calls

What's going down?

I like to look at clients as a whole, as they are. Not simply through the lens of 'what's working in their business or not', because that doesn't tell the whole truth.

We must look beyond the moving parts of business, and begin to look at the person who's running it. So we can take mindful strategy and action when designing a business that moves in accordance with each business owners personality, unique leadership style, and voice.


- Erica S.

I opened it to the public on Monday afternoon, and have since sold 7 more spots, most without calls. I actually enrolled one more, so 13 total."

(her goal was 8 new clients)

"Sold out, bitch.

kind words

Are you ready to hit 'sold out, bitch' in your business?

So, are we doing this?

Experienced business vets come to me wanting the freedom they say they've always wanted, but can't seem to get to because they've fallen for the traps of shoulds.

The only thing I think you 'should' do in your business, is march to the beat of your own fucking drum.

I want to help you do this.

I'm probably a good fit for you if..

You believe all bodies are good bodies, not just small ones.

You agree, Black lives matter.

You totally think LGBTQ folks should get married.

You know you don't fit into a box, and your business doesn't either.

Julia & Steven

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Kind Words


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Lydia Conner

Kind Words


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