Human First

Misfits do business differently..

And up until now, entrepreneurship has been built around a singular, privileged, lens—one that doesn’t create much room for unique.

It yells at you, be yourself, but when you’re queer, Black, a NBIPOC, in a larger body, disabled, have a message that goes against the grain, or are neurdivergent, it doesn’t work the way it works for others. 

This book looks at doing business by exploring the human first.

It carries the intersection of being queer, navigating mental health, and putting your art (your business), into the world in ways that honor, and acknowledge all the unique you are. All the human you are.

As we leave behind the business world that was created, I hope you find a home in this book, and in your business, that begins leading you first, human first.

Join me in this business-ish book, will you? One where we explore through personal essays, client stories, and a new business narrative all that business truly can be.

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