Why We Don’t Use Pain Points

The business industry is the problem, not you—maybe you’ve been using pain points and now you’re like ‘shit, I’ve been harming people’. It’s okay, we all have caused harm and we all will cause more in the future. what we want to focus on now is how we aim to reduce the harm wherever possible.

How To Launch Your Offer

At it’s core, there are helpful things to take from the basic launch model—but we must adjust based on leadership design, trauma, privilege, and lived experience.

Bro Marketing

Bro marketing will trick you, and hide in places you don’t even think to look. So, pay attention to where your humanness is ignored, where your truth is held deeply, and where you feel like it’s okay to exhale.

Babies and Business

Sara and I have been creating and researching The Leadership Designs for two years now. When she came to me with some of her work in leadership, I immediately went to our childhoods, and how we relate to others, and how this affects how we relate to folks now in our business. Our responses, why we do what we do. I connected our leadership designs first and foremost, to our attachment styles. 

The Leadership Designs

Understanding your leadership design gives you a baseline of how you can move best in your business without reaching burnout or feeling like you’re doing it wrong. It’s a way to honor yourself in your humanness, and do the same for others.

The Magic Of Understanding

An oversized denim shirt that once hung from my dad’s broad shoulders in the 90’s, is what I wore on the day my nana died. It was a year ago, March 3rd when the person who raised me was taking her very last breaths, and I couldn’t stand being with her for more than a minute at a time.

Who am I pissing off with my truth?

Dear Ones,

My instagram account was deactivated over the weekend for the second time. My first thought was thank god, or really, Thank Allie, my website designer, for allowing me to add this blog onto my website mid project.

A place where I don’t have to filter my words in fear that I’ll be shut down again.

3 ways to move human first in your business right now

Dear Ones,

Most folks consider themselves humans who move human centered in their business. They do all the things the business space told them they should…

· Build a relationship
· Give value
· Create know, like, and trust