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I Don’t Believe You’re Actually Afraid Of Failure

Or, what if it said:

‘I’m afraid of letting go of chaos and suffering because this is so familiar to me so I self sabotage my success and blame my false idea of failure for why I don’t have what I want?’

I’m Rachel Turner, and I support manifestation, magic, and miracles—but only, and I mean only, through a pathway of doing the work.

You can’t manifest from a wound.

Over the summer, before I invested in my current coach, I reached out to someone else.

I reached out to her without much info, just a feeling, that ended up fizzling out.

When it comes to vegan/ vegetarian protein sources there are a few key things you must know:   You need protein to not only sustain life, but to lose body fat, and especially gain muscle.  Every single person requires a different amount of protein per day, there is no one equation that adheres to everyone. […]


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