3 ways to move human first in your business right now

Dear Ones, 

Most folks consider themselves humans who move human centered in their business. They do all the things the business space told them they should…

  • Build a relationship
  • Give value
  • Create know, like, and trust

But I’m wondering where the relationship begins here if the focus in action and implementations of these things happens only at the cost of those in front of them.

Things like…

  • Using pain point marketing
  • Pushing back on someones objections
  • Not acknowledging privilege
  • Not believing lived experience 
  • Price hiding

When I look at human first business I’m looking at..

  • The client, or person in front me while also acknowledging their trauma, privilege, and lived experience. 
  • Making room for choice
  • Allowing other people’s to have their process
  • Making room for the full scale of human emotion
  • Understanding how they identify and what that means for safety and visibility 
  • Not naming trauma as a mindset block

So, how do we make this happen? 

  1. When someone tells you no, allow this to mean no. Pushing back on someone’s objection and adding ‘but they didn’t see the value’, diminishes the experience of the human in front of you. No means, no, and it doesn’t have to mean anything about your worth. 
  2. Avoid pain points at all costs. To exploit someone’s trauma at your gain allows you to cause harm for $$. Of course we WILL cause harm at some point or another in our business, part of being trauma aware is knowing this will happen. Instead, focus on their pleasure points. How can you hold them in their vulnerability instead? How can you lead them to where they want to go without causing a shame spiral?
  3. Allow room for choice in your programs or offers. Having a signature framework is amazing, and also, if it doesn’t allow options for people’s different lived experience—it might look like you’re asking folks to only do what’s worked for you. Choice may look like: allowing people to not show up for team calls even if you believe this is where magic is, offering alternatives to your framework to take into consideration trauma and the realization some people may not be able to hold some of your tools safely. 

Moving human first will take time, and also doesn’t mean you won’t cause harm. Right now we can focus on one thing at a time. What might that look like for you?


Where might I be bypassing someone’s truth?

Are my tools only from my own lived experience, or those who look like me/have similar access?

Where can I hold people in their own process instead of asking them to meet me in my own?