Scarcity Mindset No Matter What You Do? Read This.

January 12, 2020

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I was scrolling on instagram the other day when I saw someone talk about scarcity mindset, and how ‘you should stop being in scarcity mindset so you can welcome abundance.

I thought to myself, uh…duh?

The conversation isn’t around getting out of scarcity mindset, it’s how?

I’m Rachel Turner, and I support manifestation, magic, and miracles—but only, and I mean only, through a pathway of doing the work.

You can’t manifest from a wound.

(the wound may be there the light comes in, and as the light bridges the darkness through action…then you can manifest from here)

Meaning, if you want to make 10k this month on a launch, doing things like….

  • Writing as if you have the 10k

  • Imagining how you would feel with 10k in the bank

  • Writing 10k all the time

  • Using mantras etc

Won’t get you to where you want to go unless we acknowledge what is coming up first.

When I first started my business, I would fill my notebooks with mantras and and talk about how I needed, not wanted, a $5700 month. I even made my passwords $5700.

But, I was getting evicted and didn’t know how where I was going to sleep. 

It’s hard to move out of scarcity mindset when you’re really fucking scared.

But I was hanging on to the words of people I saw as my spiritual gurus, and I believed in the work—until I allowed myself to finally come out from under ‘this is the only way’, and began to create my own ways.

Here’s how you can honor your fear, and move with it, or what I like to call— moving Brave and Afraid.

1. Talk about your fear. As the queen almighty, Brene Brown says, shame thrives in secrecy and will grow. Meaning, the more you stay quiet about your fear, thinking you’ll fuck up your energetic fields by speaking such horror, the more it’ll grow inside of you, taking over your cells making THAT the vibration you’re putting out.

**Talking about your fear can be with a therapist, coach, trusted friend you know who can receive your vulnerability, or even journaling it out.

2. Reverse engineer from where you want to go. If you want 10k months, you need a plan. the plan can be small, yet mighty, and having direction paired WITH the mantras, and healing will go far—super fucking far.

A10k month could look like:

  • 20 group coaching clients at $500/month 

  • 10 1:1 clients at $1000/month

  • 10 group coaching clients at $250 = $2500 + 25 people going through your course at $199/month + 2 1:1 clients at $1265.

3. Follow the plan with consistency. Once you’ve talked about it out loud, keep doing this as much as you need as you follow the plan you’ve reverse engineered.

More than likely, when you’re afraid, you pause—so as you see what needs to be done in front of you, you’ll be taking 10x more action than you have in the past.

As you take action + pair it with your mindset + spiritual practices a couple things will happen:

  • You won’t feel like the victim of you circumstances, ‘why me’, because you’ll be showing the fuck up.

  • You will have created room and space for the abundance, instead of inviting it into a home there’s no room for.

Fear will always show up, it’s how you allow it to pass through you, and what you do with it once it’s arrived that will either hold you down with scarcity, or create the energetic and magnetic fields for growth.



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