How To Talk About Money Without Feeling Gross

January 12, 2020

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Over the summer, before I invested in my current coach, I reached out to someone else.

I reached out to her without much info, just a feeling, that ended up fizzling out.

We had one initial conversation and I thought, yeah, I dig what she’s saying, then she told me it was $5000/month to work with her.

Less than a year into her business, I just, well, I didn’t see the value. Didn’t really matter how long she’d be in business, it was just a no for me because I couldn’t see the value.

A few weeks passed after I told her I would think about it, and she messages me:

“Rachel you reached out to me on (date) and now it’s (date, but three weeks later). How important are your goals actually? Because all this time has gone passed and I’m not sure about your commitment level. I’m going to challenge you right now to go all in with me if you actually care about your goals.”

And that’s when I unfollowed her.

Being indirectly shammed into taking action based on her assumption I don’t care about my goals, is a hard pass for me.

My clients often come to me in the beginning of our week with questions like “what do I say to this person who wants to work with me?”

They think there must be some magic response I’m going to give them.

While there isn’t magic here, there’s humanness, and I’m an expert on humans.

Humans are complex, but when it comes to sales, there’s an easy and hard way to go about it.


  • You try all the ways other coaches say work ‘best’, but none of these work for you which means you’re always frantic for the next ‘thing’ because you want to make money, but feel gross around all the ways you’re being told.

  • You follow funnels and scripts because you think if I know what to say they’ll sign up, and…they still don’t sign up so now you think you’re the problem.


  • You seek first to understand before being understood. You listen to the potential client you’re talking to. You don’t push your ‘things’ on them, instead you ask better questions. This creates trust, when they trust you, they want to work with you.

  • You don’t do what everyone else is saying, instead you ask yourself ‘what would I want to hear on the other end of this conversation?’ You put yourself in their shoes, and you relax because you know you 100000% would not want to be pushed.

Here are two places you talk about money, and how to not feel gross as fuck.

IG Posts:

Instead of talking about how important it is to invest in yourself, sharing your stories of investing and how it changed your life. Think about where they are.

Saying things like:

  • Just cut out that starbucks 3x a week and you could pay for me.

  • If you want to take yourself serious this year, you need to invest.

Uh, rude.

What if that 3x a week starbucks was money they allocated as time they spend working on their relationship with food, ordering a ‘fun’ drink. 


  • Assume grown ups are grown ups. Don’t tell them where their money should go. 

  • Make them feel the potential of working with you in how THEIR life would change. I call this ‘painting their future’.

  • Talk about the cost of NOT investing. Is the cost of things staying the same as they are now worth how their life will be in 6 months?

Closing a sale:

Instead of ….

  • Getting on a call and telling them about your offer.

  • Talking about all the ‘things’ of your offer.

  • Asking if they’re interested

Let’s not!

When you’re in a conversation with them, it’s about them, not you. They want to be seen and heard, not sold.

So I want you to…

  • Ask them better questions:

    • What has worked for you in the past, and what hasn’t?

    • What does support feel like for you?

    • What would make working together feel amazing?

    • You told me you’re currently feeling _____, how would you like to feel in 90 days?

  • The shut the fuck up and listen. Most people don’t care about they have unlimited access to you, they care about a result. So let them have the space to share what they want.

  • Help them see how your offer will fit into their life. So instead of saying “we have group calls, unlimited text, all my past courses for free etc”..Say:

    • I know you said you were launching last month, AND you’re really short on time, so while we do team calls—don’t focus on these. What we’ll do first is get on a call and decide what didn’t work well last time, and then go forth in picking out what this launch will look like for you. The meat of our coaching will be done on our calls, and text access so I can help you edit posts, make sure your message is landing etc. There are other parts of this coaching, but no need for overwhelm right now—let’s focus on what’s important right now. How does that sound?

  • Avoid saying ‘are you interested’. Because of course they are. You’re in a conversation already. That’s like going to the florist, having flowers to buy in hand and they say ‘are you looking for flowers to buy?’. Of course they are. Instead ask:

    • How does that sound? 

    • Does that sound like what you’re looking for right now to help you (insert goal).

  • If they say yes, then you could say:

    • Amazing, I have two ways to work with me that depend on the kind of support you’re looking for (this empowers them to chose).

    • It’s $_____ a month for __ months OR $____a month for __ months. Which option works best for you?

Money doesn’t have to feel gross. Think about what you would want to hear, and allow it to be a conversation. Just as you would want before you invest in something.

Money blocks, closing sales, navigating objections, and all things that help your business grow is something we do in The Brave Business School, which is my 1:1 mentorship for the misfits, rebels, and weriods of their industry.

Because it’s not about saying the right thing if you feel gross doing it. Why do you feel gross? Until you can untangle this web, everything you say will feel gross.

If this is you, and you want to be booked out, full of clients, and finacally thriving in your business—head right here to apply to work with me.

Hope to talk to you soon.


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