Do You Actually Need To Launch?

January 12, 2020

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You don’t need to launch, especially if you’re …

✅In a place where you need to make X soon.
✅Do 1:1 coaching
✅New to business and don’t have clients in the door yet

Let’s say you’re launching, and you’re excited, you feel good and….crickets.

What happens now?

You come back a week later and say “EXTENDING ENROLLMENT FOR ALL THOSE LAST MIN BUYERS”.

Nooooope. Buyers see straight through you.

When is a launch a good idea?

✔️Your program or offer has a specific start date because it needs to.

✔️ You want your income to hit consistently each month. When you have open enrollment you may get payments trickle in through the month.

✔️You want your work load to only happen at one period. If your offer requires onboarding, and you don’t want to stop and do that all the time—launch.

✔️ You have a strong community of people who will buy. If you’re new, you’re launching to people who are unsure of you.

Instead you could…
Do what I do with some of my 1:1 clients in The Brave Business School clients 👇🏾

I run them through what I call a push period.

Think of it like HIIT.

🗣5 days of pushing their offer: CTA with ask to enroll, or apply. Stories with same, direct posts + emails.
✨Rest and post as normal for 7-14 (depends on who you are, goal etc).

This doesn’t mean on non push periods you don’t talk about what you do, it means your ask just isn’t right there in their face everyday. In these rest periods you can make your CTA to engage, get on email list, etc.

There are variables here…

1️⃣ Income goals, and how fast you need to reach them change the frequency here.
2️⃣ You! Are you introverted? Extroverted? My extroverted + types A clients can typically handle less rest time.

Once they get to their income goal, we adjust and see if they’re ready to launch. Because NOW they’ll have the stable income to allow for periods of no money coming in.

It’s like fitness, you can do this all on your own—I just gave you the formula, but I’m an expert at helping you paint your vision and get their with as little burnout, stress, and “I want to quit” days as possible.

Head here apply to work with me. We’re honoring your independence in 2020, while still getting you where you need to go in ways that align to every quirk, and desire you have ❤️



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