Are you accidentally saying *this* to potential clients?

January 12, 2020

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Everyone knows.

It’s January…yada yada, self change new etc.

Where once the noise this month was:

  • Be your best self

  • New year, new you

  • Be the change


and at times, it still is.

It’s not in your sphere.

Your clients like you because you go against the grain.

However, everyone is going abasing the grain now.

YOUR message of..

  • You don’t have to change

  • Resolutions bully you into change you don’t need


Is no longer unique.

How will your message rise above the noise if the noise that once rung as *special* sounds the same?

Things to ask yourself…

  • What are things you’re talking to your peers about right now? I know you talk freely to them when doors are closed—if you’re seeing the problem, and you’re saying it to them, do you think it would be beneficial to talk about what you say in the dark, out loud?

  • Why would someone want to work with you? Because its no longer your unique perspective. Can you take it a layer deeper?

If you are over the BS of new year new you etc, here are ways you could hit the conversation from a unique and fresh perspective:

  • 7 empowering things to do instead of set a resolution this month

  • 3 things to say to the friend who won’t stop pushing your boundaries

  • What to say when your BFF is obsessed with diet culture and you’re trying to leave it

In 2020 there’s no need to yell to be heard, it’s time to cut to the bottom line truth and give em what they want to hear.



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