Healthy Eats While Traveling

March 14, 2017

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I don’t like rules, but there are some guidelines I follow while traveling. Check em out!

Traveling Tips:

  • Don’t choose to skip meals in order to “make room” for special things. This typically leads to overeating, eat all of your meals.
  • DO try and have a few protein and/or fat options on hand! It’s super easy to find carbs on the go, which makes it important to have access to the other things you need on hand. Fat is crucial while I travel. It digests slower in the body which means it will keep you full for a longer period of time. Which is perfect if you don’t know when you’ll eat next but need something to hold you over! 
  • DON’T worry about following the crowd. When I’m traveling, I’ve learned to stand up for what I want. Just because people are drinking, doesn’t mean you have to. Just because everyone is getting pizza, doesn’t mean you have to! You can have pizza + also get a salad, or you can just have a salad, or just pizza. You do YOU. 
  • DO know what you like. I know I LOVEEEE bagels. I could care less about cookies and pies and cakes. Literally as long as I have a bagel, I’m good. Knowing what you like will help you make empowered choices. Ex: When I’m traveling and eat a bagel for breakfast (which PS-isn’t even bad), I feel content and not restricted. I don’t feel like I need everything in sight while adventuring whatever city I’m in because I had the thing I wanted. Sometimes that thing will change, but regardless–knowing what you want will stop you from saying yes to everything.
  • DON’T treat it any differently than any other day. The freedom of not dieting means that you can eat what you want, when you want it. As you arrive in this new city, go slow, process, and take a second. Remember that you aren’t on a diet. You don’t need to say “I’ll eat whatever I want in the next 48 hours and be back on track when I get home”. That’s diet mindset speaking. You’re not dieting. I had cake for breakfast when I was in NYC. It was made by a friends wife from scratch and it was BOMB. For lunch I ate normal and did the same for dinner. Had I wanted pizza for dinner I could have, because no diets.
  • DO make sure you’re getting nutrient dense stuff in. I’m talking veggies, protein and healthy fats. Making sure I eat enough veggies on my trip isn’t a “health thing” it’s like a life thing. If I’m not eating veggies and I’m eating more things like cake for breakfast, I will not poop. Also, I won’t feel too great. So find ways to get veggies in. 
  • DON’T live on protein bars. You will be so bloated you won’t be able to enjoy your trip because you’ll love very pregnant. Been there, done that…a lot.

Breakfast Ideas I love (to buy out at restaurants)

  • Eggs Benedict (sauce on side) + ask for side of veggies
  • Eggs any style (scrambled is an awesome way to get veggies in) + potatoes and fruit
  • Parfaits (Starbucks has these + if you make single servings of protein powder, you can keep them in your purse and add one to yogurt!)
  • Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. I love the one with feta and spinach!
  • If I get something like pancakes, I’ll get a side of eggs or bacon on the side to grab some protein!
  • Bagels! if you can do gluten, I get avocado, egg and ham on mine!
  • Oatmeal if your hotel has it! 
  • Waffle bar if your hotel has it! Make sure to grab some protein on the side.

Lunch/Dinner Options I order out:

  • Burger, no bun, on a salad + a side of sweet potato fires (or get the bun, I don’t get it if I plan to have a dessert later).
  • Salads–literally any. Always protein on it! Cobbs are my favorite! A very fat heavy salad so it will keep you full for a long time.
  • Mix and match–I’ll ask for chicken/steak with 2-3 veggies + potatoes 


  • RX bar
  • Power crunch bars
  • Jerky sticks
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Nut butter packets


Really what I wanted you to see here was that you can eat foods you like, not treat the trip any differently and be happy. Be mindful of portions, get those veggies and fat in and enjoy 🙂 These pics are some of the things I ate on my last trip. I ordered seamless a lot which was awesome. I ate a LOT of fries, but that’s no different than at home. 

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