Taco Salad

February 4, 2017

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Let’s be clear, there is actually nothing wrong with legit tacos. Let me break it down for you:

Corn Tortillas: Carb source

Ground beef cooked in taco seasoning: Fat + protein

Guacamole: Fat

Refried beans: carb/protein/fat

Pepper/onions: Veggies/carbs/micronutrients

So you have literally NOTHING to worry about if you’re eating normal tacos. With that said, if you add fried things or cheese (which is only a issue if YOU can’t digest it), then things change a bit. However, if you’re keeping things more fresh–you could have tacos every night. I do!

With that said, I love a big salad because it creates more volume of food. So I just take all the insides, out.

I lay a mix of coleslaw +spinach down on my plate then just put all the stuff on top!


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