You Are Not Weak

January 8, 2017

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Dear SCR Babe,

“You are not weak.

You are a woman,

In desperate need

Of herself”


hat’s a little nugget I found on Instagram this morning and I felt like this message may be just what you need to hear today.

I don’t want to be the woman that tells other women what they need to do, but I feel as if all of us women as a whole NEED to give more to ourselves.

More love, more compassion, more believe, more faith, more kindness, more EVERYTHING.

We are starving of love. Not the romantic kind but the kind that allows us to feel whole on our own. THAT is why self-care is so crucial. 

You are ending a war you’ve been at for whole life with your body. You are coming home. Home to love, to safety and peace within the body.

You are not weak. You are learning. 

In your journey of coming home into a place of love, you need now more than ever to show compassion to your body, to invest in yourself and to be okay with what you feel as it arises.

Self compassion doesn’t demand that you show yourself fake positivity. It means that you come to yourself with the same empathy, kindness and love that you would come to someone you see hurting. You don’t try and shove balloons in their face as they are hurting, you sit with them, you let them feel, and you do so without judging.

Again, you are not weak. You are in a place where you need to show yourself compassion, and grow through this journey of ending the hate and coming into love.




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