The Hardest Core Workout EVER… almost

October 31, 2016

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Hey Babes!

You can have a small waist and flat stomach and not have a strong core. What? I know, crazy. Let me teach you how to build a strong af core, in a pretty simple + bad ass way. Ready?

Okay, this is a full workout, so don’t do this after or with another workout. I want you to think about engaging your core through each move. NOT SUCKING IN. But keep it tight like I’m going to punch you in the stomach. When you’re doing things like squatting or overhead movements, you MUST use your core. If you’re not, then you’re using your back. Simply staying engaged will create time under tension for your core and not only help you build definition but also support you as you lift more!


  • Crawl x25 ft
  • Goblet squat x12 (engage core like crazy!!!!)
  • Double kettlbell overhead press x12
  • Side plank x30 seconds R/L
  • Reverse crunches x15
  • Long lever plank x20 seconds
  • Suitcase carry x25 ft R/L


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