How The Hell Do You Create Balance?

October 31, 2016

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Balance is not: Eating pizza then having kombucha + a superfood smoothie to “erase” the pizza.

Balance is: Feeling confident no matter what choice you make. Knowing that your body needs protein, fat and carbs to survive. Knowing that you can’t erase food. Knowing that a muffin won’t ruin your goals. Knowing that if you eat a muffin, it doesn’t have to be a binge because you can have another muffin tomorrow if you want. 

Balance is asking your body what will nourish it and make it the happiest right now. If that’s a muffin or pizza, great. If it’s a salad, awesome.

I had kombucha with my pizza last night, I didn’t think the magical and awesome gut bacteria was going to combat the pizza, but it’s what I wanted. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t eat “extra healthy” or workout harder to lose the pizza. 

Why? Because If you’re constantly living in that kind of mindset you will always be dieting. But if you can ask yourself what you want and be confident with the choice (ex: you say you want pizza but you already feel guilt, that would be going against your body), then that is honoring your body. 

Balance is actively listening to and responding to your bodies needs. Being compassionate with the answers that arise, even if it is “pizza and beer”, it doesn’t mean you need to “balance” with something else later on.


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