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October 7, 2016

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Have you ever thought about joining/buying one of those because you are so unhappy with where you’re at that you’re ready go balls to the wall and smash a three day juice cleanse? Only to give up 3 hours into it? Ever binge on Ben And Jerrys + pizza and Monday morning you’re ready to go with the hardest diet there is, only to find yourself on Friday night exactly where you were last weekend?

Or you join the hardest workout program you can, the most restrictive diet..only to want to bail out within the first few days or hours?

Going all in, after being all out for so long is never the right approach.

Instead, what about using the “just the tip method”? Yes, laugh. It’s funny–It’s also true.

Choose ONE small thing to change. One small habit to adjust.

Choosing to go from pizza + beer everyday to super “clean”, no gluten/dairy/sugar is setting you up in that all or nothing mindset.

Whereas you could instead choose:

  • One day less drinking
  • Instead of cutting out all the junk, cut out one thing–just take out the soda. Next week move onto cutting out chips etc.
  • Pick 1-3 days of working out with someone you enjoy. Not 7 days of intense workouts.

Just the tip babe, set yourself up for success.

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