It’s Not Just About Low Cal When It Comes To Your Drinks

September 30, 2016

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While grabbing the lower calorie option or improvising your drink with the crystal light drops is definitely better than slamming 5 beers, alcohol plays a little bigger role on your weight-loss journey than you may have been led to think.

The thing that the cutesy magazines won’t tell you is that every single persons body reacts differently to alcohol.

Think of your body as a busy roadway. When you’re nourishing it with good food, happy thoughts and some solid movement–it’s green light central. But when you add alcohol into the mix– yellow lights start to slow your weight loss down, and if you’re like me–your body pops up all the red lights and your body then comes to a weight-loss dead stop.

So while you’re BFF may be able to throw em back, you on the other hand may experience something completely different. Alcohol stops the process of weight-loss happening in the body for a lot of women and you may feel intense side effects.

At A Glance:

  • Alcohol lowers your inhibition, meaning you may make realllly lax food choices. Taco bell on the way home isn’t your best option.
  • Everyones body reacts different to it. You don’t need to drink as much as your friends!
  • Know that alcohol isn’t doing anything good for your body, so when you choose to have it–choose drinks and situations you LIKE. Weddings, special events, special parties etc.


How Can You Get The Best Of Both Worlds?

  • Use this knowledge to make educated decisions on what you choose. How important is reaching your goal right now? If it’s not as important, mindfully do what you’re doing. If you really want to drop a pant size or more, mindfully choose a little less and cut back a few nights.
  • Plan your time out and what you ACTUALLY want to do. So often I’m inviting out and have found myself saying yes, simply to please my friends. No thanks. The things that actually make me excited? Wine night with my girls. Anything else, I know it’s not really worth it.

I talk about alcohol because I realize it’s a part of college and if you want to drink it or not, being educated on what it does to your body, while not sexy, knowing what’s happening and how it affects your body and goals is super important. So, if you are of age–use the information above to make educated decisions for YOUR body 🙂


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