How To Love Yourself Right Now

September 30, 2016

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Loving yourself is hard when you don’t know where to begin.

Let’s start with one of my favorite ways to begin loving yourself RIGHT NOW.

Positive Affirmations

What is a positive affirmation?

A positive affirmation is a powerful and positive statement that negates negative self talk, self sabotage and self hate.

How do they work?

You pick a statement of how you want to feel RIGHT NOW and you say it out loud, or write it down. The trick is to say it with conviction.

Here’s how:

  • I completely love and accept myself
  • I am powerful and kind
  • I am smart
  • My ideas are amazing
  • I am confident when I walk into the gym

I’m not saying “I want to love myself”, I’m acting as If I already do RIGHT NOW.

Your mind is powerful. You’ve spent years teaching your body to hate itself, now it’s time to rewrite that story.

You may not feel an intense shift and conviction in your voice when you begin, keep doing it. Don’t stop. Keep doing it. The more you speak the positive words, the less room the self hate has to thrive.

Here are a few screensavers to get you started:

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