5 Snacks You Can Bring With You During Class

September 22, 2016

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You need things that won’t go bad, but that will actually keep you full and satisfied until you get to your next meal. Girl, I got you.

Here’s what you need:

Protein + fat

Protein and fat are essential to not only weight loss and muscle gain but healthy fats help keep you full AND help your brain work at full capacity! Hello perfect combo for those long days of classes.

Carbs are not bad– but these are commonly the most easy to have on hand. Things like fruit/bread/bagels etc. So there is no need to worry as much about having access to these as there is with fat and protein!

Nut Butter Packets: 

Because you probably don’t want to carry a jar of nut butter around with you, these packets come in so much handy! 


Okay, I don’t like olives but that doesn’t mean that you don’t 😉 These little snack pods make another perfect little snack!

Protein Bars:

While protein bars are NOT meals and some are definitely better than others. Check this post HERE for my favorite bars. These do make a perfect option for when you’re in a pinch.


Nuts are probably the easiest and most low key thing to have on hand! The prepackaged kind while a bit more expensive, stop overeating and make travel super easy!


This specific jerky is found at GNC but Kroger and most stores carry awesome jerky–a perfect source of protein on the go. Just bring some gum with you in case you don’t want to smell like a meat box all day 😉

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